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Born To Rule

A word about the extreme obstructionism going on in D.C. at this time, over President Trump’s picks for appointment to various positions in his new administration.  And to kick off the discussion, let me start with comment on a clip on the Internet of the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, sitting in his Hearings chamber that has been totally boycotted by the Democrats on his Committee, thus freezing the vote - according to parliamentary procedure - on two of Pres. Trump’s appointments.1  And I will do it in the form of an imaginary letter/email to the senior senator from the great state of Utah:2

‘Dear Sen. Hatch: 

‘I observed your frustration, dismay, consternation, and outright exasperation at your Democrat Party colleagues on the Senate Finance Committee for their boycotting of the hearings on a couple of President Trump’s appointments, and thereby holding up those appointments indefinitely,  What you don’t seem to have cottoned on to yet is that the current Democrat Party is not that party of old (if it ever was).  This is not a group that you could joust with in the political arena and then come together afterwards and do the normal political horse-trading with.  That Party has been taken over by ideologues - totalitarians, who think they were born to rule.3  And are experiencing extreme frustration themselves right now, because they thought the elections past had been sufficiently rigged to give them the White House, and are stunned into anger, that their great, and ‘rightfully’ historical, prize was ‘stolen’ away from them.  Little realizing that they were snookered, by god.  And just so: by God.

‘It’s time to call a spade a spade.  And in doing so, letting ‘them’ know that their day is done. 

‘More along this line, anon.




You see, we are at an historical Turning Point.  And the Dark side think that they are winning, and will take over control of the entire planet.  For themselves.  And for their Masters in the ’higher’ realms; who believe that they own us.  And wish to use us as food.  (’Loosh,’ it is called.)  

And I, and many other warriors of the Light, are here to tell them differently.

To tell them, 'Thanks, for the assistance, in separating the wheat from the chaff; the sheep from the goats.  And we - the incarnate representatives of the Light - will take over now, thank you very much.'

It’s a shame that some of the incarnate souls at this time are not going to proceed with the rest further up the spiral stairway to the - real - heavens.

But that’s free will for you.

It is, and has been, their choice.

As always.

Oh - and how is that separation determined; that 'judgement'??

'By their auras ye shall know them.'


A word about my own journey on this Path.  

Early on in my life I noticed that some people were dealing with me with a degree of deference.  I never understood what that was all about.  I just got on with my life; first in a couple of small towns in Idaho (one being the capital; but that was Idaho), and then growing up in southern California. 

My own personal, to say soul, background?  I don’t really know.  At one fairly early point - when I was seriously researching into spiritual matters in the New York Public Library, after having dropped out of university to pursue The Truth rather than a career - I was forced to face The Draft.  This was circa 1956, after the (active hostilities of the) Korean War (er, Police Action; a term employed to give a fig leaf to Pres. Truman for taking the nation to war absent a (constitutionally-required) declaration of such by the Congress, rather, merely as being part of the UN, and thereby furthering its political aspirations, as a post-nation-state World Government)4 but with the Draft still intact, and my hometown Draft Board sent me my Greetings, and info as to what I would have to do, both as to showing up for induction or as to querying my status; and I had to come up with a statement as to why I was about to declare myself a ‘c.o.’ - conscientious objector.  After mulling the matter over, and as indicative of my reading up to that point in time in ‘spiritual’ matters (which included ESP, and Spiritism, and UFOs, and the origins of civilization; the works), I came up with the following statement:

‘The Christ last made manifest on Earth through the disciple Jesus of Nazareth.  The element of progression over the earlier teachings, such as those of Buddha, was the active doctrine of Love.  Feeling this, I don’t see how I in good conscience can submit myself to the calling of a war machine,’ or words to that latter-part effect.  I was, however, willing to serve my Draft time as a C.O. as a military medic (or optionally I could have spent two years in jail, or chosen to serve stateside for two years in a hospital as an orderly.  All a very fair ‘deal’ from the United States government, I felt, and feel); and in that capacity, ended up on a tour of duty in South Korea for two years, before being released to go on my merry way in life, continuing my search for Truth.  Which ultimately led me away from believing in the Jesus figure; either as to being from Nazareth (that town was not existent at his purported time; the term would be, more correctly, a Nazarene.  Another story) or as to being an historical figure altogether.  

(It would appear that he was the fictional creation of a Jewish historian named Josephus, who. having seen the writing on the wall as regards rulership, was ingratiating himself into the royal household of the Flavian dynasty - of Vespasian, ultimately emperor of Rome, and his sons, Titus and Domitian - with Josephus creating a precursor figure, in the form of the Jesus of the so-called New Testament, to Titus and his military campaign in Judaea; Josephus thinking to make Titus (the Son) out to be the Second Coming of the Jewish Messiah, in order to stop their incessant rebelling under the chafing yoke of their (Josephus-perceived) rightful masters, the Romans.  All another story in itself.  Which includes the very likely fact that Josephus had an alter ego, in the form of the man we know as Saul, become Paul; their lives - i.e., the historical life of Josephus and the biblical life of 'Paul' - dovetailing perfectly in a huge number of details.)5    

But back to the main thread.  I was getting to my sense of my background identity; which subject logically includes my hero figures in life.  Contrary to this life’s particularly major tendency - that is, a seeker for Truth; not for more illusory adventure in the Matrix - I have nevertheless been drawn to ‘movers and shakers,’ mostly in the form of military figures.  Thus, Pericles.  (Though for far more than just his military leadership.)  Thus, Alexander the Great.  (He had a vision.) Thus, Charlemagne.  (Ditto.)  Thus, pell-mell Patton (who defeated his enemy in their minds; and thus saved lives in the long run).  And to a somewhat lesser extent, MacArthur; who knew how to inspire his troops, and the public, with a vision (‘I shall return’) and with major military strokes (the Inchon landing was a beaut).  But for myself, I have felt a Veil over me, my memory.  (I recall telling a female friend once, in my university days, that I felt “as though I were in an envelope, fighting my way out”.)  Others have seemed to know more about me than I have known about myself.  Just one example.  When I had achieved my ‘mission’ of getting accepted into Med School, at Stanford, I relaxed with my fairly exclusive pre-med studies and took a Short Story Writing course.  I had long been interested in writing, and had a great time in high school English courses writing essays and short-short stories.  During the course of this wild-card Writing course I ‘happened’ on to a place of inspiration that began turning the simple exercise into a novella.  (It doesn't matter, in this telling of that tale, what it was about.)  I checked in with my Instructor - a young woman who had a bit of a name for herself as a short story author - to see if she thought I should let it go and return to the exercise proper; but, upon reading 'what I was up to,' and where I had gotten to in it, she encouraged me to let it run.  And so I did.  Which led me to drop out of school, and start out in life in earnest, not in its preliminaries.  But before I left, I went to see her, to explain what was happening to and for me, why I had begun not to come to her class (as with my others; working hard on my fictional characters as I was, and to see what was going to happen to them).  She wasn’t in her office, but I left her a brief note about what was going on for me.  The next day (I believe it was; close to my leaving time, in any event), I went again to see her.  She again was not there. (She lived further up the peninsula, in San Francisco, from our location down in Palo Alto.)  But she had left me a note.  A simply worded note.  I remember it well: 

‘And now your work begins,’ it read.

Curious, that wording, I thought.  What did she know about me that I didn’t know about myself???  

But at least I did know that that was precisely what it felt like.  That

I had work - a work - to do.  And I was about to head out on a major path towards it.    

And here I am.  A bit over 60 years later.

And coming to its conclusion.

And ours.

P.S. I/we hear a lot, in resignation, and being 'realistic,' about 'If men were angels...'  But they are, essentially.  And it's time we acknowledged that fact, and started living up to it.
     No more excuses.  It's time to produce along those lines.
     And produce we will.
     Oh, how we will.
     'With a little help from our friends' further upstairs.  
     And on this current level as well.
     Here, near the bottom of the stairway to the heavens.  And going


1 Not that I am personally fond of either of those appointments myself.  But the President is entitled to his picks.  Let the hearings be fair and square.

2 being a bit facetious, of course - and in particular, because of Utah’s failure to ‘rise to the occasion’ of its own Mormon history, and 1) call Obama - or whatever his real name is - on his illegal occupancy of the Oval Office; and the follow-on business to that constitutional crime: to 2) call Sen. Cruz on his own ineligibility for the offie of the presidency (and Rubio.  And Jindal.  And Santorum, apparently as well); the Church having been warned by its Founder that there would come a day when ‘the Constitution would be having by a thread’.  That day has come.  And almost gone.

3 Some of whom are undoubtedly just going along with the Kabuki theatre-type charade because either they are being blackmailed - by the pedophile ring in D.C. primarily (it being no accident that Jamie Alefantis, or whatever his real name is; this pseudonym being from the French for 'I Love Babies'-read-Kiddies/Children (is he the 'proud' owner of a hidden camera, perchance?? or knows where the bodies are buried - literally???)), is considered to be one of the most powerful men in D.C.) - or they have been bribed (remember that the Fed has had years of unaudited activity to run an enormous amount of off-the-books currency through their printing machines), or both.
   By people who don’t believe in a two-party system.  Even if both of those major political parties have come very close together; at the top of them, at least.  Under the congealing pressures of the monetary system that we are living our lives under.
   And which is about to change. 
   P.S. The MSM has attempted to say that the PizzaGate story is 'fake news'.  But then they would say that, wouldn't they.  Being the ones that traffic in fake news themselves.  Purveyors of propaganda.
   So: We'll see.
   About a lot of things.
   As things are set to rights.
   it's time.

4 And just why did our Secretary of State at the time, Dean Acheson, give a speech in which he declared South Korea to be ‘outside of the U.S.’s area of influence,’ which led North Korea and her backers, Red China, to invade the South?  Could he have been sending a signal to the Communist bloc??  Much as a later SoS, James Baker, sent a spokesperson (April Glaspie) to Saddam Hussein, before the First Gulf War, to tell him the very same sort of thing, regarding his apparent designs on Kuwait (“We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts”), which led him into the very same sort of trap???  
   And noting that Secretary Acheson, in responding to the growing contretemps regarding Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss, said, “I will not turn my back on Alger Hiss…”  And of course later on, on our checkered historical path, there was the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident…
   ...and of corse, the infamous "New Pearl Harbor" of 9/11......  
   O what a tangled web we weave…..   

5 See Ralph Ellis’s ‘Jesus - Last of the Pharaohs’.  Also Joseph Atwill’s ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’.

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