Thursday, 23 February 2017

On Mind, Body, And Spirit

I have been talking (via email) with a friend about autism, in which I pointed out how vaccines are involved in this brain-damage condition.1  In my response, I referred to the brain as our “receiver unit”.  My friend took exception to that expression and ‘fact,’ saying, with links, that our body as a whole is our receiver unit (whereby our etheric body registers our condition first; and, our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking).  A point.  But it doesn’t negate the one I was making.  Here is how I have responded:  

Maybe it’s a matter of semantics.  I ‘get’ the idea of the body-mind link.  But the brain is still our (a?) receiver unit.  The pineal gland is where our connection with the larger reality is hosted.  It’s what is ’behind’ the Egyptian image of The Eye of Horus, the eye with the dangling bit: that’s a cross-section of the pineal gland.  Said gland, in its entirety, is also what the ancient Sumerians depicted as a pine cone (which it looks like, in miniature), which their bird ‘gods’ were holding up to the Tree of Life motif, as if as a connecting device to the messages emanating from it.  

Fluoride occludes it.  Hence, Fluoridation by our erstwhile masters: to keep us prisoners.  (Besides the making of a lot of money, for various industry owners, and the medical-pharmaceutical complex, on the deal.)

The Vatican has a large sculpted replica of said pine cone image on its grounds.  We have been deprived of our knowledge of such things (and that ancient motif of a stylized tree is the Tree of Knowledge, perhaps??…), to keep us incarcerated in our ‘prison planet,’ our matrix, our false reality, our ‘reality construct’.  For perhaps more than one purpose.  On the one hand, by our erstwhile masters, wanting to keep us under wraps as their slaves, and source of food and nourishment (called ‘loosh’).  But also, in the larger picture: to keep us experiencing separation from our real/fundamental identity - our Higher Selves - for the purposes of The Fall: for us to explore the ‘realm’ of Separation itself.  And see what we will do with/in that sense of being cut off from any other reality than this one, in this classroom for aspiring gods.  Being exposed to Duality/Polarity, for purposes of soul growth. 

It’s all a long story.  But just to make the point at this point: Don’t discount the importance of our brains.  Including the fact that brain damage - from such as vaccines - is what is behind a phenomenon known as ‘the homicidal triad’.  A constellation of traits observed amongst many serial killers being that in their childhood they were: excessive bedwetters; fire starters; and expressed cruelty to pets/animals.  With no remorse.  Because they don’t know what ‘remorse’ is.  Because they have brain damage.  A major source of which is their childhood - and even at birth, now - vaccines.*  

But don’t get me started.      

* It’s also known as Minimal Brain Damage (MBD).  And still, to this relatively more enlightened day, the authorities try to suppress The Truth.  They have had to admit - in Vaccine Court - to the role of vaccines in something that is called, by the ‘experts,’ ADEM - for Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis.  (A fancy word for brain damage.)  Which results in such symptoms as those with autism - on the autism spectrum (Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD) - evince.  But they have, so far, been able to keep the dreaded word ‘autism’ out of the financial remuneration picture.  Or they would - will - be inundated with lawsuits. 


A note on all this:

In the life of Light seekers and -workers, and just plain citizens, your opponents have provided you with the opportunity to have a glorious victory over them, for their proving to be such a formidable adversary.  They have forced you to dig really deep in your selves, to awaken you to the threatened loss of your national and personal sovereignty, and culture.  Give them credit for their service to you, as you take back your freedom from them, and their planned totalitarian New World Order.  

Although it is a close-run thing.  Europe seems to be waking up - and good on them for doing so. Waking up, to the invasion of their countries by an army of culture-changers, and erstwhile masters.  (At least, the Muslims think so; not having woken up yet as to how they are being used, as cannon fodder.)  But I have to admit that I am getting very tired of the slowness of the American people, by and large, to wake up to what is and has been going on around them, the perfidy that is and has been taking place: their takedown, by said NWO crowd.  Their job - and that of the ‘useful idiots’ amongst them; who have unwittingly sold out to the Dark side - has been to make it as hard as possible for you, dear fellow Citizen, to ‘rise to the occasion,’ and claim back your sovereignty from the Dark side.  On the principle as I stated above: that the greater the challenge, the greater the victory.

But unfortunately, ‘they’ seem to be winning the battle at the moment; particularly with their command of the MSM high ground, and that of our educational system.

They will not win the war.  For, they never will; the nature of the Dark being what it is - i.e., always dependent on the Light for its very existence.  (Whereas the Light just is; by the very nature of the Creation.)  But come on, People of America: You can do better than this. 

Let’s see your best shot.  And only As it were.  There need be no shots fired, in this battle.   

Just claim your Higher Selves - that link; that resonance - 


You see, it’s all in your mind.

And body.

And spirit.



1 With a particular reference to the (or at least as much as any) definitive tome on the subject, ‘Vaccination, Social Violence, And Criminality: The Medical Assault On The American Brain’ by medical historian Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. 
     Highly recommended.

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