Sunday, 19 February 2017

On Earning One's Wings

Some of you will remember, and others know of, the old song ‘Come Fly With Me,’ particularly as related to Frank Sinatra’s oeuvre.  That’s what I would encourage you to do at this time.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about earning your wings.  

You have a work to do.  To raise your consciousness above your current level.  Of ‘batting the ball’ back and forth.  Between each other.  As if you were separate beings.

Awake! - and rise to the occasion.  And if - and when - you do,

the kingdom is yours.     

And what goodies it will bring you!  Free energy devices - the ability to tap directly into the energy of the universe!  The ability to teleport!  Replicators, wherein and whereby you ‘dial’ in the appropriate DNA code and ‘manifest’ your needs!  It goes on!  A whole new world awaits you!  

Just as soon as you have earned it.


By saying Yes! to ‘relating’ to - identifying with - your Higher Self.

That’s it!  That’s  

the key.  To unlock the door.  To Abundance.  The abundance of the universe.

All it takes is to resonate with the higher qualities.  Among which is the admonition to Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.  For, in truth - and true ‘reality’ - there is no Other.  

We Are All One.

And as soon as you comprehend that, and really ’get’ that - to say, embody that - and say 'Yes! I will live my life by the higher laws!' - 

you are free.  From the illusion of separation.  From  

the matrix.  

And so, to rephrase the Golden Rule for our time - to make it more clear:   

As you do unto others, So do you do unto yourself - literally.  For, We Are All One.  And All IS


And for those who don’t choose to fly with the flock at this time?

Well, there’s always another time.

Got it?

There. Is. Always. Another. Time.

Until you ‘get’ it.

Got it??


And for everybody, and especially those who are close to choosing to move into The New (instead of remaining in - continuing to resonate to - the increasingly pale Old), a word of clarity:

‘Money’ is simply - to say: at its core - a convenient medium of exchange; simply a means to an end.  Where we are at in our consciousness is like a monkey caught by its fist in the cookie jar.  There is another way to get the goodies.  Release your attachment to 'money' as it is - and you are free!  

A whole New Paradigm is awaiting us.  Uniting ‘Right’ and ’Left’ into One.

Like the two wings of a bird.  A Bird

of Paradise.

See you there.


Or later.


Or the other.

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