Saturday, 18 February 2017

On Reality

Today I found myself reporting to a friend via email what I have been commenting on in these pages just recently: that I am finding myself getting really irritated at a lot of things that are and have been going on in the U.S. - in my home state, of California, and in the nation at large.  I used the word, being ‘riled’.  A bit short of losing it.1

And this late afternoon, out on and for my daily, I passed a homeless guy who had reached very near the end of his tether in this reality, was loudly proclaiming to the world his disgust with - near as I could tell - Everything.  One could hardly blame him, given his situation, and how he most probably suffered a great deal yesterday when a storm came through this area, blew all day, and a lot of trees to the ground.  And quite possibly, this guy with them.  And passing on by him - what can I do about his reality? given the monetary system that we are still operating under and by (not to my liking; but there you go) - I got to thinking.  About that.  To say: about ‘reality’ itself.

I understand that there is some evidence that we indeed live in a matrix; an artificial reality.  Which could mean that it is, like, a projection.  Like a movie, on the screen of a substance that gives it the illusion of, the appearance of, being real-in-itself.  And therefore, such things could happen as has been reported on the Internet in the past, where a surveillance camera caught a nighttime ’scene’ on a highway wherein someone was about to be hit by a speeding car, and a figure appeared ‘out of nowhere’ and saved the situation - altered this ‘reality’ - and the accident didn’t happen; and the figure (a young-looking person with a hood obscuring any features) quietly went on his/its way, out of the ‘scene’.  

So.  Can beings from higher ‘levels’ - frequencies2 - be watching us in our matrix, and interfere sometimes in ‘the picture’ - or be part of such an interference - whereby 'they' stop the action, enter the picture, do whatever little bit of ’miracle’ they have chosen to do, and then go on their way, out of the scene, for it to be set running again, on the other side of their ‘interference’?

And if so, what can such beings - which we call ‘angels’ (‘messengers’ from the higher realms) - do, and not do??   

It is said that we live in a free-will reality.  Is that, indeed, true???    

I don’t want to play such a game of chance as the example above would seem to indicate that we are involved in.  I want there to be rules - i.e., laws - that we live our lives by.  (As I also indicated in a very recent blog, if it wasn’t earlier today itself.)  Now, the business of ‘free will’ doesn’t necessarily mean that there are not ‘rules’ going on.  As has been reported: When we shuffle off this mortal coil, we have a session wherein and whereby, together with our mentor, we look at our life - via the ‘film’ that it is embedded on - and see where we might have made a free-will ’mistake,’ not living up to our life purpose, our contract with ourselves - and decide how to engage with the free-will experience in the next go-round with the exercise.  The exercise, of honing ourselves.  Against the choices that said matrix gives us to make.  In The Process of moving on our personal Path to Perfection.  As a god in the making.  Which we all - all - are.  As facets. fractals, aspects, points of view of

The All That Is.3  

At least, them’s my thoughts at this time.

Giving me a bit of a ’breather,’ as I process my irritation, and with, indeed, moments of outright anger, approaching rage, at the low-consciousnesss crap going on, insult to, betrayal of, our potential.

And giving my fellow pilgrims on The Path a bit of a breather as well.  From my judgment.

Not having walked a mile in their moccasins.  

And thank God, say I, for not having had to live the life experience of that poor homeless sod who reached near the end of his tether to life, on the mean streets of Long Beach this early evening.  And I could do nothing about it.

Not being an angel.



1 As a poster at a site that I frequent described himself: 'Works at Being Curmudgeonly'.

2 I read somewhere where physicists are now thinking, from the evidence of their calculations, that there are at least ten dimensions.  Eastern sages have said that there are more.  Time wilt tell.

3 I do understand that there is a school of thought that we Earthlings have been captured by Dark Force entities, as their ‘food’ - both physically and emotionally/energetically - and that they even control us to the extent of keeping us incarnating on this level and planet, for their pleasure.  I personally don’t believe that.  That would be giving them credit for too much power, in a creation with Plan and Purpose.
   But time will tell.  
   And very soon, now.
   Very.  Soon.
   Or so I do believe.

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