Friday, 24 February 2017

Of Cabbages And Kings

I was talking about vaccines, and drew a line on the discussion.  Partly because the subject makes me so angry - that our supposed 'experts' have led us into this terrible trap.  I'll touch on it just a little more, to hep round out the discussion.  For now.  As part of a larger subject:

That of our takeover - our attempted takeover - by the Dark side.

If TPTB didn’t intend originally to do us in with their vaccines & their load of toxic ingredients - and Jenner & Co. were I'm sure coming from the best of intentions (and we know what can come of those) - 'they'' certainly hit on the idea soon.  And have raised it to a science.  To wit:

Vaccines are also being used in our time for the insertion of chips into our bloodstream, a) to monitor and control us; and b) to kill us at will. 

1) GM T4 bacteriophage: Vaccines being used for/as biological warfare weapons, in the hands of our erstwhile masters.  Or continued masters…

2) The above, and nanobot viruses being developed to destroy us; inserting their DNA into our cells, which instructs our cells to produce more copies of the inserted ones.  Result: death of our cells from being overworked.

The game plan: To use a phony, 'false flag' outbreak - say, Ebola (which ’they’ have a patent for) - to scare the populace into accepting shots laced with such GM crap as briefly described above.  And not only to scare the people, but to use the medical profession (read, more accurately: the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex) to force-feed vaccines to us, on a ‘mandatory’ basis.  Being established as we speak.  

And speaking of my state, of California - where such mandatory vaccination application is already going on - there is also the little disgusting matter of drug trafficking, that the state takes a cut of.* 

Take my hometown, of Long Beach.  Please. (I jest; but barely.)  Mexican drug cartels are behind the bulk of the drug trafficking going on.  The police seem to be unable to do anything about it.  I say ‘seem’: I wouldn’t be surprised at all that it would be found out - when all this sort of shit that is going on these days in our culture is uncovered, and done away with; in The New Day dawning (as well, 'as we speak') - that the police are getting a cut of the action.  That any real crackdown on the trafficking is a no-go because higher-ups are involved.  Ultimately traceable to Gov. ‘Jesuit Jerry’ Brown, who gets a cut, and ‘dark money’ support for his pet project, known as CalExit; whereby he wants to take California out of the Union and make of it its own nation-state, under his command.  ('El Presidente Brown'.  It has a certain ring to it.  Not.)  As a protectorate of the UN; and under the specific protection not only of the Mexican drug cartels.  But of the Chinese military as well.  Who have already started invading this state, via control of the Port of - wait for it:

Long Beach.

And who are positioning themselves to take over large swathes of the state, as American citizen farmers and ranchers are driven to the wall, to say their fences, by various means; first by drought and then by flooding, and so forth.  All perfectly orchestrated by the Friends of Jerry, aka the Jesuits & Co.

Who is '& Co.'?: All those s.o.b.’s who are behind the attempted takeover of the planet, and its incarceration in their totalitarian New World Order.

Whom I am at war with.

And I thought I came here to retire………


* And undoubtedly of child sex trafficking as well.
   Once you opt for the Dark side, there is no stopping the gravy train.

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