Monday, 27 February 2017

All Aboard The Sinking Ship

I see where Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has come out strongly for immigration, citing even his own forebears.

Wonderful.  Very admirable attitude.  Especially seeing as how this is a nation of immigrants, and all. Having come from all points of the compass, as it were.   Through our border checkpoints.  Checked for criminals.  And jihadists.  And disease.  And numbers.  The latter category, in order that they can be assimilated well into -

oh wait.

That's not what he's talking about, after all.

Gee, Mayor Rahm.  You had me going there, for a moment.



from teapartyC..C.: ‘In Letter Sent Home To All Parents, Chicago Public Schools Promise To Obstruct ‘The Enforcement Of Federal Civil Immigration Law’’ - posted by Marilyn Calkins - February 27 ( orig. posted at - Michael Snyder - February 23)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (February 27)

"So we are keeping out the hard working, law abiding people that we should want to come here, but we have been keeping the back door wide open for criminals, gang members and those that are seeking to take advantage of the system."

That's it in a nutshell.

"What kind of sense does that make?"

None - except to a New World Order advocate, who is trying to take this country down, and make it into being merely a part of their totalitarian NWO.  And so, they must be resisted at all costs in their agenda.

At.  All.  Costs.  As many millions who have been murdered by their statist governments all over the world would attest to, if they were still alive to warn the rest of us.


from ’Shariahville USA Declares Schools ‘Safe Havens’ Against Trump Policies’ - Leo Hohmann - February 27 
(“Just a few weeks after an Atlanta-area school superintendent issued a statement warning school employees not to say anything about immigrants that might be deemed discriminatory, a Detroit-area school system has branded itself a “safe haven” for refugees and immigrants.
“Hamtramck Public Schools will provide “community resources” and “access to legal services” for any families negatively impacted by President Trump’s policies, according to a statement published in a Detroit newspaper…”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 27)

I'm not sure why the law in this country is not being followed in this sort of matter. Polygamy, wife beating (assault), and female genital mutilation (grievous bodily harm) are all illegal in this country.

Religious practices do NOT trump the nation's laws. They need to go back to the nations where such practices are legal. Or stop them. One or the other.


And so on and on it goes...

Time to get real, folks, in this matter (as in allied others).  The socialists are "keeping the back door wide open" in order for the Bolsheviks - using the purely idealistic section of the former (their 'kissing cousin') lot for the 'useful idiots' that they are - then to rush in and take over, precisely as they did in forming the Soviet Union.  A form of government wherein everybody is equal, and some are just more equal than others, is all.

This is serious business.  Rahm Emanuel, along with all other 'sanctuary city' mayors, needs to be arrested, for sedition.  The same, of course, going for governors of states that have similarly declared themselves 'sanctuary states'.  To start setting things to rights, in this country.  And the world, for that matter.

Before TPTB crash the monetary system of the world, as part of this takeover attempt.  

And before We, the People have finished preparing for that event.  

In order for Us to take that system over.  And shift our societal gears.  From a system that functions as if there is no God.  To a system that functions as if there indeed is a God.  A - the - true God.  Not a religious take on The All That Is.  To make this world a glorious place to live - as it basically is. 

But, first things first.   

Setting things right.

Living under the rule of law.  (Thus, demonstrating that we can.)

Not under the rule of men. 

Aka arbitrary law.

Aka tyranny.

So, Mayor Rahm:

Out of the way. 

The People - 

the real People -

that is to say, The People living by the rule of law.  As sovereigns in their own right.  Not by the 'right' - to say, might - of any manmade government  -

are taking over.


it's time.

Before the ship sinks in an awkward, and every-man-for-himself, way.

And it takes longer to clean up the mess that has thus been made.

In the changeover.  From manmade laws.  To

the kingdom of God.

Coming to a planet very near you.


Or not.

Your choice.

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