Monday, 20 February 2017

On Accusations And Reconciliations

Things are, indeed, heating up.  And not just my blood...

As regulars at this site would well know by now, I get very riled, even outright angry, at measures of our erstwhile masters in attempting to take total control over this country - MY country! - and the world for their nefarious ends.  They are well deserving of our contempt.  Including the Mainstream Media, which has become, over the years, in the hands of a quietly-developed monopoly of Controllers, part of the problem, rather than part of the solution in the operation of a free state.  Having moved from Fourth Estate to Fifth Column.  (As part of the Gramscian philosophy of “the long march through the institutions”.)  A particularly repugnant feature of what has been going on, in the slowly-slowly, Fabian-style overthrow of this country.  President Trump has been precisely correct in his criticism of it.  Its sellout to ‘the highest bidder’ has greatly damaged this country; not least by keeping some very unsavory people from having their day in court - a legitimate court, now; in the day of the to-be reconstructed U.S. Republic - and thereby being brought to justice.      

All that is not to say that we cannot come together, in the end.  On a higher level, the totalitarians of the far Left and the far Right, in wanting to fasten a New World Order on the whole planet, have helped to bring about a ‘game changer’ - have triggered into being, from latency in our psyches, a reactive response to their totalitarianism of Power Over (Others), in the crowning form of the total state - i.e., a kingdom - of the Light, characterized by Power With, and Within.  Love winning out, in the end, over Force.

The kingdom of heaven, of long repute.  

And I am ready to take over now.  For

the Light. 

This is in part as well, then, by way of saying - pointing out - that a lot of these seemingly despicable creatures amongst us have simply been playing a part, in this Drama that has now unfolded to its Conclusion.

How will we know the genuinely Bad Guys from the Good Guys?  (For there are, indeed, some of the former category of souls.  Who are almost to lose their soulular connection with the All That Is.  And thus become part of what isn’t, any longer.)

They give themselves away by their auras.  That judgment not coming - not needing to come - from mere human jurisprudence.

More to follow, in the more positive days to come.  As we enter further into

The New.

Free, at last, from

The Process.

As for me.

I am just like you.  Subject to all the foibles of life on our Pilgrim’s Progress on The Path, on our return journey now Home, again, from exploring The Great Unknown.  But managing to identify, as best I can, and as often as I can, with my Higher Self.  Where we all meet; on our journey Home.  On what some ‘sensitives’ have identified as the Seventh Dimension; wherein we reside in our mutual Christ Consciousness.*

Let’s, now, make this a wrap.

And a particularly good one.  For

the ages.


* Call me, then, your Elder Brother.
   Certainly not Big Brother…  :-)

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