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Calling 'Em As I See 'Em

An article forwarded to me today by a friend got my dander up.  The author, Chris Hedges, has written some good stuff in the past, of an anti-corporate nature.  But in this article, he quoted voluminously a communist, as if it had any objective merit.  For it first (preceded by my comment back to my friend):

I'm sorry, [friend,] but this is pure, classic Marxist gobbledygook.  "The structures of power" and all the rest is straight out of the likes of Alinsky's handbook, and Gramsci's theorizing, etc..  You must know that the far Left has had years of turning this nation slowly slowly - i.e., Fabian style of revolution - into a socialist state; with the intention, not just  to turn it into a soft version, like the Scandinavian countries, but into the same sort of totalitarian state that they are railing against here, because a) it's pure projection, and b) their bogeyman is not their brand of totalitarianism.  It's the other side's brand.  The socialists-communists fueled this reaction - which they are painting in the worst colors possible, to 'rally the masses' behind their attempted takeover.  And the poor, dumbed-down average American in the Middle, who hasn't studied this stuff, doesn't seem to understand what is going on, how he/she/they are being used, manipulated, to serve a classic 'class warfare' purpose.

Not to brand all Leftists with the mark of the Beast, as it were.  But a lot of sincere people, who are not hip to political tactics, are liable to be like the Mensheviks, whom the Bolsheviks used to pave their way to power, and then threw under the bus, eliminated them when they were no longer useful to The Revolution.  And not to say that the far Left is pure evil (or the far Right, for that matter).  It's a yin/yang dance, with a bit of truth/the other 'side' embedded in each side of the classic capitalist/socialist equation, the dance between individualism and collectivism.  Hence: the likes of the Leftists trying to bring down Christianity, and that code of values, to pave the way for their atheistic approach to life (using the Muslims to further their agenda), whereby what is 'right' is whatever advances one's agenda, and what is 'wrong' is whatever blocks it.  Pure communist/relativist crap.  Does Christianity - as it has developed, into a people-control social structure - have to go?  Yes.  (For Truth to prevail.)  But the answer is not the equally people-controlling social structure of atheistic communism.  

Anyway.  To sum up here, without getting long-winded about it: We are on the verge of major Change.  And it is not going to come from either the far Left or the far Right - that is, from the same level as all our past problems.  It is going to come from within.  From our connection with our true Selves.  In collaboration with a flood of Abundance from Gaia - our living planet - that is going to make the concept of economic systems obsolete.  And open us to a - the - New Era.  Even Age.  No matter how it - that concept - has been ridiculed.  Because

that time has come. 

And not a moment too soon, by the looks of things. Including this article.  


(The article:)

Sent: Monday, February 6, 2017
Subject: Chris Hedges article

Powerful article.....and the commentaries at the end are also insightful


2) from thecommonsenseshow.com: ’Secret Service Is Doing Nothing About Threats on Trump’s Life’ - Dave Hodges - February 5/6
(Hodges goes into how all the executeive-branch departments and agencies need a major cleanout of holdovers from the Obama regime.)

Stan February 6, 2017 at 10:53 pm
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This has been coming on for longer than just the last 8 years, Dave. It just got up a good head of steam under the Usurper. And they thought they were on the verge of taking the main prize – read: the biggest obstacle to the imposition of their New World Order, that being the U.S. of A.. And somehow, a new sheriff rode into town. And they are fit to be tied.

And need to be. By said Sheriff. Hogtied, and held for trial. As you say: A clean sweep.

3) from rickwells.us: ’Napolitano - Rogue Judge Second Guessed President, Absolutely Not His Job’ - Rick Wells - February 6/7

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Good one, Judge Nap.

What a farce…The New World Order crowd certainly don’t want lose this election. Wait a minute. They already have. I guess the Mainstream Media will let them know that any day now.

Holding my breath… 


And all this, at the same time that the PizzaGate bastardly business appears to be heading for a larger splash in the swamp...

So, things are coming to a head.

The only chance now of TPTB, and what their Game Plan is undoubtedly calling for, is to try to get Trump - that's President Trump to you too, boyos - to overreact to provocations, and thus hopefully to bring in more of Middle America to their cause, in the public's well-orchestrated fear of a strongman fascist at the helm of the U.S. ship of state.  

(And I see that Merkel & Co. over in Germany are attempting to stoke that fire, with the magazine Der Spiegal’s cover of Trump standing triumphant with bloody sword in hand having just beheaded the Statue of Liberty.  What would you know about Liberty, Angela?  How about the Liberty of your countrymen and -women not to have been invaded by an invading force of military-aged invaders from Middle Eastern countries, having been radicalized for just such a purpose by the New World Order mob???)

All this, at the same time as such heinous activities as the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup that is managing to cut off the Gulf Stream, thus threatening Europe with another Ice Age; and the Fukushima disaster that is continuing to be out of control; and the Chemtrails, with their load of toxins and their cutting off of sunlight, thus adversely affecting the growth of foodstuffs; and the likes of Monsanto's Terminator genes and GMOs... (As Hodges said to this general subject: "We are being murdered.")

Let's be clear.  There are monsters at work, in our day.

It is our job to overcome them.  And in doing so, to move Humanity up a notch (or two), in spiritual evolution.

Let's be about that better business, than all this crap that is going on now.

We can do better than this.  We can be better than this.  We are better than this.

Let's get to work.

The work that we incarnated at this time, to do.

Time, to log out of the virtual reality of 3D and go up a notch (or as I say, or two) in consciousness.

Or be left behind.

As I also say (and to emphasize your role in The Process):

Your choice.

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