Friday, 17 February 2017

On The Need TO 'Drain The Swamp'...

...For The Country Being So Compromised With Corruption

from ‘Donald Trump just dealt a major blow to Obamacare’ - February 15/16 
(He eliminated the mandatory aspect of the ’tax’.  Effectively gutting the legislation.  Against much hesitancy on the part of Congress to come up with an alternative  Which tells a tale…)

Stan says:

I think that we have to accept the fact that many of our elected representatives are compromised in some way, either by blackmail or bribery, or both. So, they are not going to start enacting the Trump agenda without major foot dragging, because TPTB want a different government in place, to enact THEIR agenda. So, the answer?:

Encourage Pres. Trump to ‘drain the swamp’ by such means as releasing the FBI to do its job regarding the PizzaGate dirty business. And that means blowing the whistle on a lot of our elected reps. But, it also means saving our country from its terrible state of corruption.

No real problem of a choice, as far as I’m concerned. How about it, Prez?

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