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The Smaller Picture

1) from ‘Immigration Raid Numbers Deemed Fake News!’ - Andrew West - February 17
(“The war against President Trump is escalating in recent days with the advent and abuse of fake news emanating from the leftist echo chambers of the mainstream media…”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 17)

I think we really need to call all this for what it is. This is not just 'business as usual' in a two-party political system. The Left was, is, out to take over this country, and turn it into a socialist-communist dictatorship, like Red China, as part of TPTB’s New World Order; and they see what is going on under Trump as their Big Fish wriggling its way off their hook. So, they need to be treated for what they are:

traitors. Not members of a legitimate political continuum.

2) from ‘Dark Forces Aim to Dismantle Trump’s Presidency, Brick by Brick’ - shawn - February 15; posted here February 17


REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION - bet on it - communists never cede power peacefully!


To say: This isn’t just temper tantrum throwing.  It’s time to call what is going on for what it is: an attempted coup.  

Bring it on, I say.  And let the chips fall where they may. 

I am basically a peaceful man.


But you really don’t want to get me really rited.

And I am very close - Very. Close. - to being there.  For what these assholes are trying to do to my country.

Excuse me.  For what these miscreants are trying to do to my country.

I’ll save the over-the-top language for when I really go over the top.

Not just bordering on it.


As for braggadocio:

I recall that Stalin once cynically asked how many divisions that the Pope had.  That was before Poland fell out of control of the communists.  

A word to the wise.


PS. And speaking of being riled: My friend replied to my somewhat churlish response in the just-previously mentioned exchange, thusly:  

  >And that the jobs that illegal aliens are taking at this time can go back to American citizens, who are out of work in very large numbers.Don't we??< 

"Don't you read what the employers are saying?  Americans don't want to do that kind of work...they can't get any of them to apply.

"In Georgia farms had to let go of their illegals aliens, and when they hired a couple of Americans, they lasted about three days and quit....said the work  was just too hard.

"In California, if they had to let go of all their workers, the economy would collapse. 
"A little perspective here on what's really happening on the ground."


My response:

"Another take on 'perspective':

"1) Americans have been suckered into being too lazy, by TPTB - both liberals and 'Chamber of Commerce'-type Republicans - creating lax welfare regulations.  The law should be the equivalent of 'If you don't work, you don't eat': An able-bodied person could turn down, say, up to 2 available jobs, and beyond that, they take available employment - doing whatever is just that: available - or they come off the unemployment rolls.  Welfare should be just that: temporary assistance.  Not a way of life.  That's Cloward-Piven Strategy stuff.  (Please look up the term.  I'm not making all this stuff up.)

"2) Nothing against re-establishing the old Bracero program, of seasonal employment of workers from Mexico (or wherever) on temporary work visas.  I'm sure that it was phased out by TPTB, who saw the opportunity to take this country over by letting the illegal aliens in to get settled here, and voting for the Dems. 

"We are up against 'principalities and powers' - up against very evil people whose minions are like termites, steadily boring away at the innards of the nation.  Time for a lot of Americans to wake up to what has been going on around them, and within their country, for a long time.

"It may be too late to save California.  Unless we can get the federal government to come in here and clean house.  We'll see how this plays out."



As for California...

I am disturbed about the Oroville Dam thing going on up north, whereby some people are deeply worried about the earthen dam giving way under the 'pressure' of the current storm days, with signs of collapse at the site opening up 'before our very eyes'.  Disturbed, because one can't put anything beyond these, our erstwhile masters.  Including giving a little help to the collapse.  (Like the blown levee in New Orleans.)  And including thousands - and even millions - of people potentially killed by that giveaway.  (They wouldn't be able to evacuate in time all the people in the way of the tsunami that that would create.)

And I should say, Californians, rather than just 'people'.  And more specifically: American citizens.  With our erstwhile masters having already evidenced their desire to move as many citizens off the land in the West as possible.  And in California, and in that area in particular - great growing land; as I have pointed out, the Fruit & Veggie Basket of the country - to let the Chinese buy up that property after 'Nature' has had Her way with the Americans, and thus enhance the takeover of California by TPTB, represented in this instance by Jerry Brown and his minions in this state.*

They wouldn't do that??

They took down the Twin Towers on 9/11.  And they have started wars all over the globe.

Yes.  They would do that,

And they have the Weather Warfare technology to make it happen.

As I say:

Don't get me really riled.......... 

...even though I understand that I need to let free will run its course. 

But just you wait on the other side of the Veil, you...


And in the meantime, such, er, scalawags, must live in fidelity to the law.

And in this country, that means the Constitution; and laws duly - and accurately - derived therefrom.


* That's 'Jesuit Jerry' Brown.  Who has allowed this state to become flooded (already...) with illegal aliens.  And allowed sanctuary cities, and now, the state itself to be considered a 'sanctuary state'.  And who has put his own people in charge of the investigation and operation at the Oroville dam.  And moved all volunteers off the site.  Thus eliminating any prying eyes...
   Go figure.

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