Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Two Scenarios

1. (Not that long ago)

‘So, class, the conclusion: Anthropogenic Global Warming is real, very real - uncomfortably real - and we must do all that we can to stop it, and us ‘anthropoids’ from fouling our nest, destroying our planet.’

(Eager cries, by now, of ‘Yes!  Yes!’)

‘So, the United States must be brought down in size, and standard of living, to become a proper and more moral member of the international community - of the United Nations.’

(Cries again of ’Yes!  Yes!’)

‘And anybody who stands in our way - make no mistake - is the enemy.’

(Even greater cries of support for the proposition.)

‘For this is very war.’

(A similar response from the congregation - er, class.)

‘And in the meantime, it being immoral for us Americans to live so ‘high on the hog’ while the rest of the world has to make do with the scraps from our table… ‘  (Dutiful cries of ‘Boo!  Boo!’) ‘…and as we devour far more than our fair share of the world’s resources so that we can live and be so high and mighty…’  (Expected response) ‘…it is only good and fair that we allow as many immigrants into this country as possible, to share the wealth around.’

(Similar cries of support)

‘Millions of them.  Millions!  To share the wealth!’

(Dutiful response.  Except one, from the back of the room:)

‘Excuse me, sir?’

(A bit tired in tone, as if accustomed to this sort of obstructionism from this student:) ‘Yes.’

‘But we already let in a huge number of immigrants a year.  To assimilate any more - ’

‘It’s not enough!’  (Cries of ’No!  No!  More!  More!’)  ‘It’s a pittance!  We are being selfish beyond measure!’  (Massive cries of support for the proposition.  Except for the lone holdout:)   

‘But…that would bankrupt us.  I don’t understand.’

(You will, son.  You will.  Obviously having a good head on your non-herd-like shoulders.)

2.  (Just yesterday) 

‘Send me in there, Coach.  I feel hot.’

‘And what would you do, Son.’

‘First, I would freeze the assets of all the sons of bitches - excuse me; the Dark-side players - who are bankrolling the riots - the rioters themselves and their cover merely 'protestors' - and the politicians who are blocking the clean-up measures.  - ‘

‘Follow the money.’

‘Yes.  And then I would round the Controllers all up, for their day in court.  In a real, Common Law court, with honest judges.’

‘How would you tell that about them.’

‘From their auras.  Their energy signatures.’

‘Very good. Proceed.  And then…’  

‘And then I would eliminate the Western monetary system altogether - call a Jubilee - and replace it with an interim system before we can get to a moneyless society.  And then I would - ‘

‘Hold on, hold on, Son.  How would you expect to get support for such a drastic measure?’

‘From the inside.  To start with.’

‘Good.  Very good

‘Carry on.’

‘And then I would…’

And it goes from there.


the Changeover.

From being governed by Man.  To being governed by God.

We have been governed by Man - and his laws; and his attitude towards his laws, in the way of stretching them beyond all believability, and applying them selectively - long enough, anyway.

And almost - almost - 

too long.

As we now - together - 

set this world to rights.

Starting with this nation.

For its ‘exceptionalism’.   For placing the Individual - with its individual soul; spark of divinity - in charge of the proceedings. 

On our way to inheriting

the kingdom.


At last:

the Golden Age.

Not the New World Order, of the Dark side of

the Play.  That we have been involved in.

For long enough.


Ready, now, for

the Real Thing.

Which includes Disclosure.

And a whole lot of other goodies.

Just waiting for us.  

On the return leg of our journey.



As it has been said: Being made a pillar in the temple and going no more out.

For not needing to.

For having found what we were searching for.



,,,And speaking of ‘obstructionism,’ as I did further above; consider this:

from rickwells.us: ‘Morris - Ongoing Coup By Subversive Obama Appointees Forced Flynn Out’ - Rick Wells - February 14/15
(Dick Morris via video outlines the case, not so much for the ‘outing’ of Flynn for trying to cover up the fact that he was technically too soon in communicating with the Russians over Obama’s political-gesture ‘recalling’ of Russian diplomatic people, but for the obstructionism of “a subversive group within the government of the United Sates composed of former Obama appointees, who still inhabit the bowels of these agencies”.  And who need to be ousted themselves, just as soon as possible.)  

Stan // February 15, 2017 at 2:30 pm // Reply (act. still February 14 PST)
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Oh, I see, Libs – you care about technicalities. Now, about the little ‘technicality’ about Obama not having been eligible for the office of the presidency…

I expect to see you folks come forward on that one any day now.



...and the last word for this day/night goes to... - 

the principal of a 'progressive' school on NYC's Upper West Side!  And my response to his amazing take on the Trump presidency:

from constitution.com: ‘Principal tells Parents that Trump Presidency is "More Troubling” than 9/11 and the MLK Assassination’ - Onan Coca - February 14
(This principal emailed his deep concerns about Trump’s presidency - that it “was more troubling than Vietnam, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the September 11 attacks and Watergate” - to the parents of students who attend the Calhoun School in New York City’s Upper Wet Side.  A ‘progressive’ school.  It figures.  Almost.  But not to this execrable extent.)  

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 14)

These kinds of people are terribly dangerous. They are creating a climate in which crazies will do crazy things. They really need to be stopped from their own brand of craziness. Cautioned, at the very least. And let Trump get on with draining the swamp.

Which includes all of the pedophiles that infest Washington D.C. and environs. Another pressing matter.  Speaking of concern - legitimate concerns - for our children, Principal Nelson.


I could have gotten into, but chose not to, the appalling business of child sex trafficking and snuff films and organ harvesting going on in that scene. That post-American traditional values scene.  That 'progressive' scene.    

But I'll leave it all at this for today/tonight.  Biting my tongue........

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