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A Nation That Has Lost Its Moral Moorings

from ‘Trump Executive Order On Voter Fraud Quietly Shelved’ - NewsMax - February 4 (re-posted at GrassTopsUSA - February 4) 

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 4)

"There is no proof of widespread voter fraud"? Take my home state of California. (Please.) In my county alone, of L.A., which is known to be inundated with illegal aliens, there is no requirement for voter ID. None. Zilch. Nada. And in fact, the precinct workers are instructed NOT to ask for any ID. (That's in case any IAs are a little skittish, that they may be found out if they go to vote.) And even if there WERE an ID requirement, in this state the legislature sent a piece of, er, legislation to 'Jesuit Jerry' Brown, which he dutifully signed into law, that Illegal Aliens can apply for a driver's license; and then that was followed up with another piece of, er, legislation, also dutifully signed into law by the same traitor, known as a Motor Voter Law, whereby everybody who apples for or renews a driver's license is automatically registered to vote. (That is to make it even easier for IAs to vote. Democrat, of course.)

But of course, none of this is proof of widespread voter fraud. Because you don't see what you don't look for.

Me? I see it, loud and clear. And the fact that California alone - and in any event, along with its sister state in rank corruption, New York - could account for Hillary's 2.8 popular vote plurality right there. So don't talk to ME about there being "no proof of widespread voter fraud". There is proof of it in every state that has either no voter ID requirement or a lax one, or that does not cleanse its voter reg rolls regularly, of other ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate/multiple voters. Because people are not stupid. (Except those who continue to let this crap continue.) The 'practice' is widespread throughout the country. And needs to be CLEANED UP - AND PRONTO. The U.S is worse than a banana republic in this regard. Because even in most of those, a voter has their finger dipped in purple ink, to keep them from voting more than once. Here, even churches bus their 'people' to various precincts. Let alone all the corruption going on in Early Voting and via Absentee Ballot Voting.

It is a national disgrace. Trump should not let himself be talked out of draining this area of the swamp. It is tainting every aspect of our national life, with its disgraceful evidence that this nation has lost its way. Whether some want to look at that evidence or not.


And make no mistake: the Republicans don't want an in-depth investigation of this subject, either.  Their corruption in our voting process would appear to be more directed at the electronic voting machines, and thus, more Electoral Fraud than Voting Fraud.  Yes, 16 states had Soros machines; and that is, indeed, a worry.  But the Republicans pioneered voting-machine corruption way back when - at the least, during the 2000 elections.   When an expert testified to a congressional hearing about how the votes on the machines were, or at least could be, switched to the Republicans.  And the Democrats on that congressional committee obviously decided, not to get mad.  But to get even.  That two can play at that game.  And now here we are, with that 'game,' as I said above, a national disgrace. 

Is this nation worth saving??  And with all the other signs of moral decadence???

I wonder, sometimes.

But it's my country, dammit.

Hands OFF.



P.S. And as for this nation having allowed an ineligible candidate to occupy the presidency for eight long, nation-collapsing years from within - and with a strong link to Islam to boot; which religion brooks no opposition, religiously and otherwise; takes over by Sharia Law and by terror:

from ‘Ex-Visa Officer: Obama Failed To Do Basic Screening of Migrants’ - Greg Corombos - February 4
(“Feds 'told to assume that they were qualified and not ask too many questions’”)

Our undocumented former POTUS should be tried for treason.


    • stlfedup Schlepprock 27 minutes ago 

    • An illegal can't be tried for treason or be impeached... karma will fix it
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      • kibitzer3 stlfedup a few seconds ago (February 4)

      • He can't be impeached, but he can be tried for treason. And fraud. And perjury.

      • And tried he should be. And that way, all of the legislation that he signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and inferior courts - go with him, into the trash bin. For it to be as though he had never been there. For, he was never there legally. As you say.

Things are getting closer to our having to make a hard decision, if we are to save this nation.  And that will undoubtedly require just such tough measures as I outline above.  And will include bringing such outlaw states as California back into the fold.

Peacefully.  Or otherwise.

As I have said before:

I am a peaceful man, by intrinsic nature, and highest inkling.  But I will not - and may I repeat: I WILL NOT see my nation be taken over by the Dark forces.  Like George Soros, and other New World Order scoundrels, with their totalitarian bent of mind.

They have a choice.  Return to the side of the Light.

Or be done with.


And my closing statement for the night:

from ‘Judge Jeanine Blisters Egotistical Activist Judge Usurping President Trump’ - Rick Wells - February 4/5

Stan // February 5, 2017 at 3:51 pm // Reply (act. February 4 PST)
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The blatant hypocrisy of the Left is mind-boggling. They ignore the Constitution when it gets in their way, and then rush to it when they feel it will support them.

Disgusting stuff.


But that's the Left for you.  No morals.  Only the exercise of relativity.

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