Friday, 9 June 2017

At Journey's End

Yesterday - last evening, to be more precise - I was musing on the human condition.  It was occasioned primarily - i.e., not totally; it was also triggered by some political events of the day.  But to carry on in this particular vein - by some things I was reading at a site on the Internet (in my emails) dealing with the so-called ‘GCR/RV’ - the (supposed) Global Currency Reset/Revaluation,’ whereby humanity is supposedly to be flooded, very soon now, with gold-backed currency, for the standard of living for everyone on the planet to be raised considerably.  It got me to thinking back to the times of two instances in my life:

One was the time, in 1961, that it occurred to me that “the way to rid ourselves of all our aches and evils is to do away with money”.1  And the other was the time, in 1955, when I had ‘a spiritual experience’ at university, which caused me shortly thereafter to move off of the path that I was on at the time - a pre-Med, who had just received word of his acceptance into Stanford Medical School starting the following school year - and go out on a search for Truth.  For What It Was All About.2 

It couldn’t be that hard, surely, to find out the answer to that seminal question.  How come we were having such a hard time finding that out, and understanding that?? I wondered.  Along with wondering, Why all the religions???  All these different religions that we had created (Including the ‘religion’ - the belief system - of atheism): Why?  Why couldn’t we think our way out of the box we were in; the illusion??  For, that is what it - life - seemed to me to be.  A puzzle, that we were to solve.  A dream, that we were to awaken from, and then move on, from that level of thus-acquired consciousness.

Gandhi had a good preliminary thought on it all, I figured, when I came across some of his writings later on, in my pursuit of Truth: ‘We don’t live in order to eat and sleep.  We eat and sleep in order to live.’  Or to put it another way: Life was a dream.  The purpose was to wake up from it,  See it for what it was.  And then - as I say - move on.  From all the pageantry - the panoply; the pomp and circumstance - that we created, in order to amuse ourselves, while we were, ultimately, getting to the point of the exercise.

It was all a little more detailed than that, of course.  Early on in my search I came across the ‘Eastern’ (i.e, Hinduistic/Buddhistic) concept of reincarnation; and that made eminent sense to me, in the sense of perfect Justice - experiencing personally the consequences of our actions, etc..  Which meant that there was definitely something wrong with the Christian story.  Which I would have to look further into, at some point.  In the meantime, I carried on, with keeping an eye out for clues as to What This Was All About, and how to figure one’s way out of the maze. 

And why did I feel instinctively that there was ‘perfect Justice’ involved in the exercise??  I recall a bit of thinking on the whole matter that I came up with at the very beginning of my search - which feels as though ‘it said it all’ from the very beginning.  To wit:

'Either there is a God - and all that that implies - or there is not.  If there is not, then nothing really matters anyway, and one might as well live one''s life strictly for oneself, independent of the effects of that pursuit on others, as not; for, the end of the closed system of life can, then, as easily be seen as that as anything else, a presumed ‘evolutionary’ advantage in a degree of cooperation with others, or whatever.  If there is a God, however, then certain things follow.

‘It follows for one thing that there is Plan in and Purpose to life.  That life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.  And that we are here to figure out that meaning.  And then move on.’

Hence, my initial feeling that we were in a maze, a puzzle; and it was for us to figure our way out of the maze.  Not be distracted by the things - the advertisement ’pope-ups,’ as it were - along the way.

Like money.  Which became an end in itself to us, rather than merely a means to an end - the end of sharing goods and services with one another, via a convenient medium of exchange.  And that distraction was caused by one thing in particular:

the concept of interest.

Money itself making money.  

The acquisition of money, in and for itself only. 

As we near a time when ‘money’ may come flooding in to our little corner of the universe -very like a new Flood - I encourage us to keep our eye on the ball, as it were.  The ball

of figuring out what it is all about.  That life is a school.  And the purpose is to graduate.

Not to get caught up in it.

P.S. As for having given up a potential career in Medicine to go chasing after a will o’ the wisp: I was ‘in it’ only to be of service to my fellow Man, anyway.  And, as things have turned out, my searching has also led me to question the very basis for Western medicine.
     And I can hardly wait for it to bite the dust.  For being the corrupt enterprise that it has turned out to be.
     As we get back to living in harmony with Nature.  And heed the advice of the - supposed - father of Medicine, Hippocrates; who said - observed:
     ‘Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.’ 
     Good advice, Hip old boy.
     Too bad it wasn't carried on with.
P.P.S. And as for Christianity: Joseph Atwill, in our time, has built on the shoulders of a number of keen-eyed researchers before him (unfortunately, not enough of such) to help us out of the questions about that religion.  Who, in his book ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ - first published in 2006; updated in 2011 - has sleuthed out the answer to that particular puzzle: 
   That it was the creation of a Jew named Josephus, and others of the Flavian royal household of Rome, who saw a way to (attempt to) put an end to the constant rebelling of the Jews to the yoke of Rome, by crafting a picture that led to the emperor Vespasian - the God the Father - and his Son, Titus, as the Jewish Messiah; who scourged them for being the “wicked generation,” which led to his sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of their temple, as ‘foretold’ by a fictional character named, by Josephus, Jesus.
     All, another story.
     And I do mean ‘story’.
     Which we need to wean ourselves off of.  In order to get to ultimate
     Which is the point of the whole
     (A brief comment on that 'story': The character Jesus was quite likely based, in a creative fiction way, on a real historical person, named Eleazar.  Who was the Lazarus in the New Testament story, who, supposedly, rose from the dead; but came to an end nevertheless.  See Atwill's compelling analysis of all this.
     A terrible trick has been played on humanity.  It is time to set things right.
     Many things.  To rights.)  

P.P.P.S. And what do I think of the GCR/RV??
   I think that you, we, need to be careful of the PTB, in all such matters.  They are a formidable opponent.  To Truth.
   But then, all the greater the accomplishment. When we - at long last - free ourselves from their yoke.  



1 To quote from a letter that I subsequently dropped off at newspaper offices along the way of a ‘walk to Washington’ that I engaged in, from my home then in the Los Angeles area in general/North Hollywood in particular.  I have commented on this ‘incident’ in my life before in these pages; for those who have not been regular readers of my musings herein, I’ll quote here the whole of that letter.  To the President:
   “I am a young man walking on his way to Washington, to see the President and draw to his attention that the way to ride ourselves of all our aches and evils is to do away with money.
   ‘If after considering the matter thoroughly you agree, I encourage you to write a letter saying so to Mr. Kennedy.”
   The result?
   None so’s anyone might notice.
   Except for having been dropped into the consciousness hamper.
   Aka the collective unconscious.
   That we all partake of.
   To varying degrees.

   But to continue…

2 Not important to go into the details of that experience here.  Suffice it to say, that it was a profound experience.  Enough to alter my entire life.  To knock me off my set course.  
   And onto a higher one.


And to highlight how it is, really, time to end the crap that has been going on:

from ’Sessions Ends Revenue Stream For Obama’s Lefties’ - Greg Corombos - June 9
(Outrageous stuff.  The Obama DoJ would make a deal with corporations to settle lawsuits by having them turn over some of the fine monies to Obama’s favorite leftist political organizations.  An extortion racket if I ever head of one.  And Sessions is just going to end the scam.  No prosecution.
Sessions is much too much of a gentleman, sometimes.)  

kibitzer3 (now June 10)
Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by WND.

This is outrageous. This was CLEARLY an illegal operation. It should NOT be swept under the carpet. What is wrong with our government these days - on both sides of the aisle?? A criminal activity takes place - blatant political chicanery - and we're supposed to just let it go???

Come on, Trump administration. You can do better than this. That's what you were elected for.

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