Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Story So Far

     The Story
      So Far

So why did certain things
Happen to me
Along the way
In my passages about Earth?
Giving me deference when I
Was a youth, as though
I were a Golden Child;
And later, being told
That I had a purple aura.*
And even had it said to me:
‘Is it you.  Is it really
You’  by someone who
Expected to meet me
On his journey
               and my own
Of exploration
And discovery?

And unconscious shots while playing
Basketball, when I
Would get out of the way
And let my Higher Self
        or whomsoever
        or whatsoever
                 have a go
As markers along the way,
A different reality
That could occasionally
Interpenetrate ours,
                  or at least
                  to say
The one that we inhabit
At this time
On our journey; 

                  and why
Would I be inspired
To tell humanity
To do away with money
        as part of its
        next steps
                And go so far
As to walk all of the way
Across the continent
      the occasional ride
     along the way
     and subsequent
To Washington D.C.
      from my home
                     in L.A.
To tell the president
To do it?
              What are
              the odds
               of that
         by accident??
   was not planned
                by me.
      I’m just along
        for the ride

and acting thus, begin
                to get off
The Merry-Go-Round
                 of life
          And on to other,
          more important
          Like - oh, say
             the rest of 
             The Story

        And the end of
            The Story
   And the beginning of 
           the Real

* (and someone else saw it - 
At another time, admittedly - 
As blue.  So, seeing an aura
                  can possibly
                  as well be
                  a reflection

                  of you)

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