Tuesday, 20 June 2017

To The Government...

I see that Senators Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein are up to some shenanigans regarding the public’s bank deposits.1  This brings up a fundamental question, and as well, as exacerbated by the 2008 Big Bank Robbery bailout fiasco:

To The Banks

Where did the notion come from that your depositors’ money is your money??  

Most probably from a form of a shell game; a play with semantics - from the fact that banks use their depositors’ money as ‘collateral’ when they gamble on the ForEx market, or whatever all they get up to after public business hours; and so the depositors have allowed their monies - in savings accounts and checking accounts both - to be used by the bank.  And that would seem to be a fair exchange, in exchange for the bank keeping their deposit monies safe for them, and doing the bookkeeping involved.  So, fair enough, to that extent: ‘payment’ for a service rendered.  But ‘at the end of the day,’ the deposit money was/is their money - not the property of the bank.  By which the depositors pay their bills, and to withdraw for whatever uses they wish to put it to - personally.  

This business, then, of the banks pretending - attempting to pretend - that depositors’ money belongs to the bank, is not only farcical but fraudulent; and since part of the government’s role is to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizenry,2 the government needs to crack down, and hard, on this arrogant attitude of the banks, that their depositors’ money belongs to them - the banks - to do with whatever they wish to, and at whatever the risk.  And if a bank goes bust from bad gambling choices, the government needs to a) make sure that the depositors’ money is the first in line for creditors’ repayment, and b) act as last resort, and pay back the depositors their monies, after extracting every last cent that they can from the bank management - homes, cars, yachts; the lot.3  Whom they should have ridden better herd on, to protect the depositors in the bank’s dangerous operations - the Masters of the Universe thinking that they had no worries in their gambles (and even had big bonuses to shoot for), since ‘the people’ would bail them out.  Their being too big to fail, and all…

No longer.

It’s time for the banks as they have been to disappear from the face of the earth, anyway.  For, this earth is now under New Management.  And every last bit of darkness will be wrung out of it.

Those days - of unfettered free will; and susceptibility to the Dark forces giving bite to the exercise - being over.   

As we head up the spiral of consciousness - "step out of this paradigm of limitation," as 'The Team' says via Peggy Black - and into our Golden Age.

After dealing with first things first:

the control of the world by the bankers.  Having bought their ‘tellers’ - their frontpieces; their front-of-the-house gofers - in government.  And thus, having subverted the likes of this country, to their ends.  To, that is to say, constant turmoil, and other such money-loaning and -generating activity.  Because it’s good for business.

The old way.


In the act, Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017. a citizen cannot possess cash or cryptocurrencies without reporting, in writing, to their local bank. Also included in the list of prohibited list is includes prepaid mobile phones,  electronic currencies and even retail gift vouchers. Failure to comply does not only result in a stiff fine and 10 years in prison, it also involves the confiscation of all of your personal assets under Civilian Asset Forfeiture.  In other words, if you store cash of engage in the business of cryptocurrencies, you are being labeled as a terrorist…”
  (from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘Red Alert: Senators Grassley and Feinstein’s Plot to Take Everything You Own - This Is a Real Threat’ - Dave Hodges - June 19/20)

2 “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” in the words of the Declaration of independence of this country.  Signifying who is the sovereign, to be primarily respected, in this form of government.   And who is certainly not the mere chattel of the state.   

3 And of course, their ‘guarantee’ to the public under the FDIC terms is a farce, since it only covers a fraction of the depositors’ money; and even at that, comes after other creditors have been given their payments; the poor (literally) Joe and Jill Depositor being the last in line. to recoup their loss.  
   Their loss. Not the bank’s.

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