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On Termites, And Other Nasties

It took me a while to wake up to what was going on in life.  Living way over in Southern California (I capitalize the ‘Southern’ because it is a state of being in itself here) from the seat of governance in the nation, I was only dimly aware of the shenanigans going on over there.1  In my youth day, there were the beginnings of awareness, in the form of the Whittaker Chambers/Alger Hiss Hearings in Congress, and the Un-American Activities Hearings, and then the advent of Joe McCarthy.  (Who was roundly booed off the stage, as a proper villain, with a bushy brow and all.  Although even I, in my naivety about such things, recognized that he was getting a bum rap, not a bum’s rap on the knuckles, by a media out to portray him as a smear artist of innocent people - and which label has stuck to this day, with ‘McCarthyism’ standing for the unjust accusation of innocents.)2  But the extent of the subversion didn’t actually hit me until I hit university.  There, I encountered for the first time a sense of the depth of 'the matter'.

The awakening occurred for me in my Freshman year Western Civ class.  A required course (which made, and makes, eminent sense to me; and then, a short few years after my time there, it was taken off the list of required courses.  Go figure), it opened my eyes, both as to the basic principles of Western civilization - which, embedded in it as I was (and we are), I didn’t ‘see’ all that clearly before - and to some specifics of ‘the matter’.  Example.  In my last quarter of the class (I had the same Instructor through the three quarters of my Freshman year.  Stanford being on the quarter, not the semester, system), our Instructor announced that there was some ‘political’ activity going on down at San Jose State (not too far away from where Stanford is located, at Menlo Park), that we might be interested in. All as some ‘live’ aspects of Western Civ, you understand/we were to understand.  It turned out to have something to do with Communism.3  The information was only of mild interest to me.  For one thing, I had no wheels; and for another, I was at Stanford as a pre-Med, interested in getting into Med School there (or wherever I might make it into).  The ‘political thing’ was only of peripheral interest to me.  And to the large majority of the rest of my class, it felt to me.  In any event, none of us took him up on the suggestion, to check it our or get involved; whatever he might have been suggesting.  And perhaps because of that ‘interaction,’ some time later in that last quarter with us, he exploded one day, at our seeming indifference to such matters, and, interrupting the flow of the day’s subject matter, he asked us all to write out our understanding of the various forms of government.  What was this all about?? I remember wondering; but joined in, as we all wrote out our understandings.  As it turned out, nothing came of our written ‘assignment’.  

He didn’t want to see it. He wanted us to see what he was trying to get at.  

To awaken us to the reality of things going on in our day and age.  Or worse of an interpretation...

And as I understood more fully later on, after my student time at that institution of higher education, when I was visiting there, at some sort of alumni event (living in the Bay Area as I was at the time; this was circa 1970), and some faculty members were all atwitter over the fact that some guy ‘of theirs’ had just won the presidency of Chile.  Who was he?  He was called a ‘socialist’.  But It turned out that in reality, Allende was of the hard-core, far-left Marxist variety, who began such ‘academic’ measures as the nationalizing of industries.4    

So let me cut to the chase here.  This nation is being - and has been for quite some time - undercut by termites, vermin, call them what you will: People who want to create Chaos in order to bring Order out of it.  Their kind of Order. Brutal, totalitarian control over ‘the cattle’.  

And we must wake up - en masse - and not let them accomplish their mission.  And if that means calling a spade a spade - and a Marxist Jew a Marxist Jew - then that’s what it takes.

Jews aren’t the only Marxists.  And clearly, not all Jews are radical-left Marxists.5  But they have been behind much of the planning, and execution, of the attempted takeover of this nation; and for a long time.6  Behind such conducive measures as the breaking down of the Black American family (by agitating for money to be given to single mothers to not only raise their kids - without a father role figure being involved, responsible for one’s offspring - but to have them - on the taxpayer’s dime - in the first place; and the more the merrier, in order to bankrupt the nation, and cause societal turmoil);7 and behind the flooding of the country with both legal immigration - and especially away from our European roots and to very foreign peoples, like rabid Muslims8 - and illegal aliens.  Including gang members.  And freeing them into our neighborhoods.  All, to accomplish their purpose.  Of breakdown.  And takeover.

I could go on.  But I am so sickened by the whole subject - which includes, particularly sickeningly enough, the whole matter of pedophilia, and child sex trafficking - that I don’t want to dwell on, and in, this cesspool any longer than I have to.

In order to help in the awakening of the public to the full extent of what is going on, in cur day and age.  The full extent of the creation of the cesspool.  And the full extent of its ingredients.

For them to start taking measures - measures based on knowledge; not just gut reaction9 - to drain it.               


P.S. And not just to blame The Jews for all the crap going on in our day and age.  The CIA has a huge footprint involved in the boot stamping on our faces, and crushing us under its weight.  Take, for example, this excerpt from today’s ‘Want To Know’ site:  

Dear friends,

“Tragic, heartbreaking mass murders in recent years have spread fear and panic among the general public. Yet some are questioning if there isn't more than meets the eye with these cruel and bizarre events. Is it conceivable that there might be a deeper agenda here?

“This essay presents verifiable, undeniable evidence that secret CIA mind control programs have created assassins out of unsuspecting citizens in support of a hidden agenda.

“The astonishing excerpts below, taken verbatim from declassified CIA documents, reveal detailed mind control experiments in highly secret, government-sponsored experiments. Through hypnosis, drugs, and electric shock, CIA clinicians fractured personalities and induced multiple personality disorder (MPD) – also called dissociative identity disorder (DID).

“These top secret experiments were successful in creating Manchurian Candidates or super spies programmed to carry out assassination, terrorist acts, sexual favors, and more without conscious knowledge of what they were doing. The army of Manchurian Candidates created has very likely played a key, hidden role in world politics and the manipulation of the public…”

And on, and on, it goes.

The story of our day and age.

Consider it.  Fully.  And weep.

And then do something about it.

P.P.S. And don’t let anybody tell you - get away with telling you - that to speak up against the likes of ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ (or even just 'fundamentalist Muslims') or ‘far-Left Jews’ is ‘hate speech,’ and should be (or is already, in some instances) banned.  That is precisely the argument that opponents of ‘essential liberty’ - the essence of Western Civ - have attempted to employ and accomplish, and speech get banned, for a long, long time.  It is the attitude of totalitarians.  Send them packing, from wherever they raise their satanic heads 
     They are not of the Light.  They are of the Dark. 
     And their day in the sun is OVER.
     And so, they will attempt to wriggle out of that comeuppance.  Tell them, that the only way to do so is to come over to the Light side.
     Where people are free to exercise their God-given free will. 
     Got that, you denizens of the Dark?
     Our freedoms come from God.
     Not from the state.
     Whether that state be a ‘religious’ one (like Islam) - or just nominally religiously inclined (including the fraudulent 'religion' of fake environmentalism; as a cover for totalitarianism) - or not.
     Man WILL be free.
     To choose to live in the Light.
     Or not.
     His choice.

     Make a good one.

     A message from your
     Elder Brother.

     So don't boo-hoo me with your 'hurt feelings' over anything I say.  You attack/try to bring down my country, you attack me.  So frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a damn about your 'hurt feelings'.  They pale in comparison to mine, right about now.
     Which reminds me to add:
     Take your new mall designs with their guard towers OUT OF MY COUNTRY.  
     Or stuff them where the sun don't shine.


1 Actually, California was involved in ‘the matter’ far more than I at first realized, through both the governmental prism and via Hollywood.  All of that to come out, for me, later on.

2  Hey, folks of this day and age: He was actually on to something; the State Department was riddled with subversives.
   But to continue.   

3  This was circa 1953.  Far before ‘the movement’ got up a head of steam in the country.  But there were those sorts of inklings, of what was to come…

4 And who, due to a ‘constitutional breakdown,’ was ousted in late 1973 for his pains, in a military coup, carrying out the will of a centre-right majority of their Congress; and, rather than falling into the outraged hands of his enemies, committed suicide in his governing palace. 
   All another, though related, story.  Which Usurpers like Obama have had no need to pay much attention to in this country, with the average attention span of the average American being close to nil.
   The best-laid plans of mice and men oft going astray, a bit; when we don’t do what our erstwhile masters would like us to do, for lack of caring as much as our EMs want us to, in their revolutions…

5 I remember, in my awakening days, that an excellent voice of warning about Marxist infiltration of the government in California and in Hollywood was done by a Jewish columnist for the old L.A. Examiner, the afternoon paper of note in the area.  Who quit over some politically motivated ‘altercation’ or other.  Most probably from the Left beginning to take over that paper.  As it did later on the L.A. Times; under the Chandler family son.  Who, it so happened, was a graduate of - drum roll, please - Stanford.
   Am I unhappy about my alma mater having been such an ideological nest of vipers??  Yes.  But then, that’s what it takes, sometimes, for people to wake up.
   So: Thanks, Stanford.  You helped me wake up, to what was going on in my time and place.  And I do actually appreciate that.  For, the unexamined life is not worth living.  
   And all that academic sort of stuff.
   N.B. Also, I was going to say that "It is the Khazarian Jews who are behind most of all this subversion crap that is going on, anyway.  Not bloodline Jews per se" - but that bloodline bifurcated under the Roman emperor Vespasian, with one part of that split splitting off again into the historical line of the first Christians on the one hand and the royal bloodlines of Europe on the other; the latter 'lording' it over the peasantry, as the largely misunderstood Chosen People indeed.  But that's all another story.
   Part of the pageantry of the process.

6 There is also the role of ‘secret societies’ behind a lot of what is going on, the Masons (the higher degrees of), and Skull and Bones, and so forth.  Bur the Jews are behind most of the far-left pressure groups that there are.  (Including running the NAACP for many years.)
   And I remember going to the office of a right-wing outfit in New York City when visiting that city at one point in my ‘career’ as a member of a spiritual community (sort of on TDY at the time), and found that I was talking to a Jew, running the office.  
   Which reminded me of having visited a similar site in Southern California once, many years previously, and finding the same situation.
   Curious, that.

7 See, for ‘good’ example, the epidemic of shootings going on in Chicago.  All orchestrated into being by political thugs.  Beady-eyed termites in the background, snickering over their handiwork.

8 whose religion is far more than just that; is an ideology, and a governing one at that.  Whereby the unbeliever is to be converted.  Or be killed.
   Get this damn Shariah law business out of my country, you…
   well.  You know what you are.

9 which often can be orchestrated into being, for an insidious purpose

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