Monday, 12 June 2017

'Let's Pretend'

When I was growing up there was a radio show on Saturday mornings, emanating out of New York City, called ‘Let’s Pretend’.1 It was a half-hour (or hour; I forget which) of simple fantasy time.  I’m drawn, now, to create a Let’s Pretend.  (In following on somewhat from my last blog.)

Let’s Pretend that someone wanted to take over the United Stats of America, and they knew that they couldn’t do it from abroad, by force of arms, with the nation being so strong in that way.  So, what would they resort to, as their strategy (being very strong-willed about the matter.  The matter, of ultimately ruling the world)?  Ah - I’ve got it:

from the inside.2

And just so did they set about.  First, by opening the doors to more immigrants than the country could absorb properly.  (Getting themselves into positions of administrative control over the federal government; along with as big a footprint as they could manage in the houses of Congress, and, if they ‘played their cards right’, in the Oval Office itself.  And not to forget - especially not to forget - the judicial branch of government.)  And then, surreptitiously opening that door wider, by the admittance of ‘refugees’ from countries under the sway of (deliberately created) civil unrest.  Along with creating ‘honey pot’ conditions for illegal aliens to slip into the country, for many years, and getting burrowed into the workings of the country.  While those PTB surreptitiously created ways to get those ‘subjects’ on to the voter registration rolls, and not to be asked for their ID, under the pretext of it being ‘racist’ to do so, or whatever tactic they needed to employ, to accomplish their mission, in the various states of the federation.  Before it could be turned into a centralized state.  And made to fall ‘wholesale’ into their hands like a ripe plum.  And then made into merely a part of their (long-planned-for) totalitarian New World Order.  With the mentality of ‘people control’ cultivated over the years, by creating such categories as ‘hate speech’.  So that the American public couldn’t awaken out of their (well-conditioned) slumber and start reacting, by criticizing the likes of unassimilated Muslims, for it being ‘racist’ to do so.    

Along with the creation of as many minority ‘classes’ as they could generate.  Black Americans being the obvious first one.  (And as so targeted by an earlier version of our erstwhile masters, the Communist Party, centered in their home base of the Soviet Union.)  And then - surprise surprise - along came the ‘class’ of LGBTQs.3  And so, it becomes a battle between the established order, largely of white Christians, on the one hand, and all the other categories of 'residents' on the other.  

But all of this is just Pretend, of course.

Or actually:


It has been going on, precisely like that.

And needs now to come to an end.

Not to ‘go back’ to the way things were.  

But to go forward.

Into the way they will become.  After

The Process

runs its course.

And we gets beyond The Play.  And into

the Real Thing.

P.S. And just to clarify: I am not talking about just what is called 'the Khazarian Mafia' (aka the Rothschild Zionists) here.  I am also talking about another body of perps: the higher echelons of the Jesuit Order.
     Dutiful to which is one Jerry Brown, Jesuit-trained governor of California.  Who has been all set to make 'his' state a nation-state of its own.  (Or in collaboration with selected others; as in the Aztlan configuration desired by the La Raza crowd.  Who are also part of his coterie.)  And who was ready to be a party, earlier this year, to a huge loss of life and food-growing land in Central California, with an intentional blow of the Oroville Dam in the northern part of the state.  But which was saved from happening at the last minute by the presence of an honest man.  (Dave Hodges radio iv w/Paul Preston re: Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea.  See Hodges's The Common Sense Show report of June 12.)  Although the perps, and 'props' (including what are called ADMs, for Atomic Demolition Munitions) are still available, to be reinserted in their hideous places, if 'the call' comes for such an outrageous act.
     Let's hope that we can get The Play over with before this crowning 'achievement' (bigger, much bigger than even that other handiwork of theirs, 9/11) of what is called the Deep State can be activated, for these fiends to carry out their Dark-side plans.
     More on all of which, another time.


1 Ah, Radio.  The Golden Are thereof.  I remember it well.  The soaps: Lorenzo Jones, and One Man’s Family, and Stella Dallas, and…, during the day; and towards the end of the afternoon, to be caught by kids getting home from school: the likes of ‘Jack Armstrong, The All-American Boy’.  And the evening shows: Ozzie and Harriet.  The Jack Benny Show.  The Bob Hope Show.  The Red Skelton Show  The Great Gildersleeve.  Fibber McGee And Molly.  (‘’Taint funny, McGee.’)  Duffy’s Tavern.  (‘Where the elite meet to eat; Archie the manager speaking.’)  The Life of Riley (and his lugubrious sidekick, Digby O’Dell, ‘the frie-e-e-endly undertaker’).  Great stuff.  
   Something I was a bit curious about was how one of the daytime soaps was of a woman - and this one again emanating out of New York City - who was a ‘real’ news broadcaster, giving us the real noontime headlines, and then the show would go into her in her ‘real’ - soap - life.  This was circa late ‘40s, you understand.  Most mothers were stay-at-home mothers in those days; raising their families.  The most honorable, and important, 'profession' there is or could ever be.  But then, that would keep the state from taking over the job.  Speaking of which: This was - you understand - before Women’s Lib.  About which, I remember finding out once that David Rockefeller & Co. were behind that movement.  Why?  In order - as one of them confessed once, in a video interview, years after the fact, and when the ‘condition’ had been well entrenched in American society - to get more bodies into the workforce, in order to get more federal tax monies out of the public, in order for people like the Rockefellers to be able to make more money off of all that easy-pickings, grows-on-trees money in Washington.  Easy, for anybody with the financial clout to purchase enough politicians to accomplish their ends…
   But I digress.
   A bit.

2 And this strategy could, of course, be entered into in connection with a surreptitious weakening of the military forces themselves.  Both financially.  And from the inside itself.  With various manpower policies.  Including having non-citizens in the ranks.  Having such service be a pathway into citizenship.
   As long as said citizenship was a factor in the agenda involved…

3 You don’t think that TPTB didn’t understand how that works - how the brain can be ‘patterned’ into abnormal identity formats???  It’s a simple matter of science.  Anything - anything - to create minority ‘classes’.   Against the target population: straight, mostly white, mostly Christian.  Thus to be targeted in both a racial and a religious manner, and ‘the new kid on the block’: in a ‘hatist’ (read: 'homophobic') manner.
   What the Dark side forces will get up to, to accomplish their end:
   Power Over...

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