Thursday, 29 June 2017

Now It Can Be Told

So the truth finally outs.  I refer in this particular instance to the report just released by consummate investigative journalist Seymour Hersh - of the illustrious but dying breed of such individuals1-  on the Assad government’s so-called ‘gas attack’ on its own citizens in April past.  Which should never have been a starter in the news of it in the first place; since it should have been obvious to all and sundry - and especially to President Trump, who had both access to intelligence on the matter and the responsibility to act carefully, i.e., in a statesmanlike manner, in the matter - that Assad would have had nothing to gain and everything to lose by such an operation, especially as close to victory over his opponents - political opposition and mercenaries - as he was.2  

What Hersh has uncovered, by the questioning of central figures in the matter, is that a special (guided) bomb was used in the operation, but not as regards any gas attack (which would have been, as I say, extremely counterproductive); that some chemicals were stored in the building being used as a meeting place for some high-level leaders of the jihadists, but also for storing the likes of chlorine-based decontaminants and fertilizers and pesticides for simple agricultural purposes; which, when set off by the bomb (and secondary explosions in the building from some munitions stored in the basement), inadvertently released a cloud of a toxic mixture of gases.  Which was immediately seized upon by the media as an excuse to try to blame the Assad government for having mounted a gas attack ‘on its own citizenry,’ and who labeled it sarin gas, for most propagandic effect.  It turns out that Trump’s intelligence people did advise him that the situation was not as the media was promoting it.  But Trump let his emotions - after seeing graphic imagery, via the tainted media,3 of damage done to children - rule his reason. 

Which brings up a larger matter.  Namely, the next steps for humanity in general, and the U.S. in particular.

Long story short.  There is enough gold in the world - stored away, and still in the ground - to eliminate poverty on the planet many times over, and usher in a New Age, of Prosperity, and subsequent Peace.  Indeed, moves are already afoot to release at least some of this largesse, in a move called the Global Currency Reset (GCR), along with its companion operation, the RV (Revaluation; based on a country’s resources).  The whole operation being held up by the resistance (the real ‘Resistance’ going on these days; not just to Trump’s administration) of the Dark forces - i.e., the NWO mob - to release their octopus-like hold on the planet, and let it revert to its natural state, of a creation of the Light.  The long time in the equivalent of kindergarten over, for the world’s peoples; in which they have been learning lessons.4  Or at least, being exposed to said lessons.  But since the Process has been taken to its limit now -  i.e., the attempt that has been underway by the Dark forces to take over the whole world; which ‘naturally’ invokes an equal and opposite reaction - it is time now to move on - to graduate from kindergarten, and move on to the higher grades of being.

And for that, we need a higher degree of leadership to take over as well, than the degree that we have at this time.

A note on this particular aspect of this matter that we - humanity as a whole, and the U.S. in particular - are faced with.  For whatever reason, a large contingent of those people who have been aware of at least one aspect of this process, specifically as to a reworking of the financial system of the world - and who have, accordingly, invested in currencies that are set to be RVed to a higher value level, comparatively, than they have been in the past5 - have come under the impression that President Trump (and his VP) will be replaced by Paul Ryan, in the establishing of the true U.S. Republic, out from under the control of the corporate-world Bad Guys who insinuated their way into power in the country many years ago.  And who are part of the NWO mob.  As is Paul Ryan.6  So why would a member of the very contingent of low-consciousness souls who have planned to take over the world for their nefarious purposes be assigned the role of leading the U.S. into the Light-filled version of a New World??  

It may have something to do with the fact that these currency speculators have as well been ‘told’ that the Usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, is actually a high spiritual being, one of a Council of Nine from Sirius.  Or so it is said…

Personally, I don’t get it.  Unless it is along the lines of Obama and Ryan being due some appreciation, for their role-playing in having helped to move the country to the position of a breakthrough, from the Dark-side agenda that it was on, as part of The Process, to the point of breakthrough into the new, higher realm now for the bulk of humanity - the Crisis that helped to bring about that Opportunity.7  But to think that a man who occupied the office of the presidency of the U.S. illegally, and who did so much while in that position of power to bring down the country - to weaken our military, and to flood the country with Democrat-voting illegal aliens and Muslim so-called 'refugees' (an awful lot of whom have been males of military age), and to cause the likes of racial mayhem in the country (in attempting to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America’ along socialistic, to say Big Government, lines, with the ideological intent of controlling The People to within an inch of their lives, a la the former Soviet Union), is to be honored as fundamentally a ‘being of Light,’ just doesn’t make sense to me.

But then, I’m just a guy, who thinks that the Light is the Light.  And who is committed to it.  Body and soul.  And who wants to see the U.S. change, alright.

Just not in that way.

And My Way - if given the 'Opportunity' - will bring down the likes of the 'Masters of the Universe' on Wall Street, and Big Pharma (aka the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex), and Big Whatever; including The Fed.  And return power to The People.  In order to bring in

the real


And you can take that to the bank.

And only so to speak.


1  Other than Hersh and Sharyl Attkisson, who is left of the breed??  Except for the ’little people’ on the Internet, who beaver away in that arena in unsung but crucial support of the tradition.  Which is the only place where one can get the truth of all manner of events of our day.  Like the Sandy Hook in-fact cover-story FEMA Exercise.  And the Boston Marathon Bombing (even announced at the site) ’Drill’.  And the Orlando Night Club caper.  And so much else.   And not to leave out the false flag op of them all: 9/11.  (Some of which have real victims; some of which are fake to their roots.)
   Yes, there can be disinfo mixed in with the reports of such events carried in the alt media.  But by and large, that’s where the public needs to go to see behind the propaganda of the MSM on such matters.  A media in the tank for its New World Order bosses.
   But to continue.

2 And they should never be called by the cover name donated to them by the MSM, and the far Left of the (former) Democrat Party, of ’rebels’.  Yes, some of them are in-house political opponents of the Assad government (not ‘regime’; it was duly elected).  But they are, for the most part, mercenaries.  Hired thugs.  Hired by the NWO mob, to further that cause.
   But to continue.   

3 and including the tainted use of the White Helmet brigade, who had already been outed as an arm of the anti-Assad forces, and so their word should never have been taken on anything to do with the situation on the ground.  And as well, Trump should have been wary of any painting of Assad by the media as having anything to do with a purported gas attack after it had already been found out that the earlier such ‘attack’ was in actuality a staged op by the jihadists, to attempt to elicit sympathy for their cause.  As promoted by the same in-the-tank MSM.  
   Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me. 

4 I am reminded of a very insightful title of a book of many years ago; to wit: ‘All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten’.

5 and who intend to use their windfall for ‘worthy causes,’ in the way of humane projects for the world, as part of ‘the deal’  These are what have been called Prosperity Packages, by those ‘in the know’.  Or who, at least, think that they have been ‘in the know’… 

6 See, e.g., his multimillion-dollar payoff for helping to keep alive the NWO’s TPP in Congress.  This is NOT the mark of a leader of the New (Golden) Age.  This is a mark of a presumptive leader for the Old Age.  Now history.  

7 A tad different from the kind of specific Opportunity that Rahm Emanuel was referring to, when he remarked, in an interview on tv, as to how ‘You don’t want a good crisis to go to waste’…

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