Thursday, 15 June 2017

On Taking The Point

I find it fascinating that all of a sudden, with the question of Pres. Trump's financial holdings - to go along with the attempts to nail him on 'obstruction of justice' charges - anything to get him out of there, and let the NWO crowd continue on their merry way to their totalitarian super-state - the Democrats have discovered that there is a law of the land in this country, rather than the Constitution being, to them - and to the other New World Order likes of George W. - "just a damn piece of paper".  A wet noodle - a 'living document,' capable of being manipulated into however a position you want it to.  I will be very interested to see the discussion in the country heat up on this subject, of Trump supposedly exceeding his constitutional bounds.  I can hear one such conversation now:

'This is fantastic!  We've got a whole new angle on bringing down Trump!  Yippee!'

'Hold on, Junior.  Not quite so fast.'


'I'm not really sure that we should go there.'

'Whadda ya mean?  This is great!  More crap to throw at'im!  We'll get'im outta there yet!!  And then we'll start on Pence; and then - '

'I'm telling you, Junior: Be careful.  You'll be opening up a whole can of worms.'

'What are you talking about??'

'I'm talking about the fact that we don't have our own hands clean regarding this sort of matter.  Let sleeping dogs lie.'

'Are you saying that we should just let El Crapo get away with raining on our parade??!'

'No.  I'm saying that you don't give your enemy any more ammo than you possibly can.  I'm saying that we should concentrate on getting one of their extremists to go over the edge, and then molding it into civil war, and pick up the pieces from there.

'Stop and think for a minute, Junior.  Can you imagine what would happen if the real voters in this country, who elected Trump in huge numbers - even after our best shots at stealing the thing - got off their hinies and went after us in high dudgeon??  No.  We need to get them to fire the first shot.  And then we pounce.  With 'righteous indignation' to back up our case.

'It's 'the calculation of the relation of forces,' Junior.  Classic stuff.  Use your head.  Not your emotions.  We've gotten this far by using our heads.  Don't rock the boat now.'

'...I see what you mean.'

''He who fights with his head wins the war, if not the battle.  He who fights with his emotions is subject to their ups and downs.'

'It's classic stuff, Junior.  Classic stuff.  Revolution 101.'

(This final comment a salute to the Hillsdale College's series on 'Introduction to The Constitution'.   Among its other excellent series's of online lectures, on many very interesting subjects.  To any even halfway interested student of the United States, and Western Civilization.
     See them while we still can.)

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