Wednesday, 14 June 2017

On Being A Good Citizen...

...And On Flag Day To Boot

I was about to take part in a 'National Survey of 10,000,000 American Voters on President Donald J. Trump's Agenda for America,' sponsored by the Faith & Freedom Coalition, until I read the 'fine print':  It is only for "the views of actual voters..." those U.S. citizens (among potentially millions of other voters; as Pres. Trump commented on as well) "who actually voted in 2016".

I have penned the following note to Dr. Ralph Reed, Founder & Chairman of the Coalition:

"Dear Dr. Reed,

"To vote in [my home state of California] is to commit a crime; [more specifically,] is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime, for the lack of Voter Integrity oversight - no cleansing of the voter reg rolls, any resident can vote (of which there are millions of illegal aliens), etc. etc.  Until people like you make moves to help change that 'state' of affairs, I refuse to take part in a scam, a sham, a fake, a farce, a fraud, an illusion, a delusion - and, as I say, a crime.

"And so, I am not a voter, and so I cannot take part in your Survey.  More's the pity.

"Hopefully, American citizens with your kind of clout will change this damnable state of affairs someday.  And it will need to be soon.  Else all is lost for this country.

"Very sincerely,"



You have to vote in order to change things?  Not necessarily.  All you have to do is make sure that the law is upheld.  And you do not do that - give energy to that - by going along with the charade in the meantime.  Indeed, by going along with it, you help perpetuate it.  That's not my way.  The way to do it is to boycott voting - and to say, elections themselves - until the situation is cleaned up.

And speaking of things needing to be cleaned up...

to clarify something that I posted early this morning on a site - well, I'll let my posting speak for itself, and then make my comment to the subject:

from ‘What Alex Jones Really Believes About Sandy Hook’ - June 13
(A weak response to his iv w/ Megyn Kelly and the kerfuffle it has caused.  He is trying to hold an impossible position: to hold that he believes that children did die at Sandy Hook, it's just that there are some "anomalies' to that story.  He is thus backing away, under the artillery fire of the MSM. from what he really believes: that is, in the proven - over and over again - ability, and inclination, for 'government' to lie to us, about all kinds of matters. )

kibitzer3 - June 14

Alex, it’s very simple: If something is fake in some of its parts, there is every good reason to believe that it is fake in all of its parts; otherwise, why the fakery???  The bottom line: You should never apologize for questioning What Really Happened At Sandy Hook.  You are giving too much ammunition to the NWO crowd by doing so.


What I want to clarify is that there are false flag ops and there are false flag ops.  Some have real action to them - like 9/11 - and some are fake to their roots.  And so, even though there was much of fakery about 9/11 - an op designed to attempt to demonize 'the Arabs,' for the geopolitical purposes of the NeoCons in George W. Bush's administration (and the NWO crowd in general) - it is patently obvious that many people did die in that atrocity.  (That "New Pearl Harbor," which the PNAC crowd knew needed to take place, in order to further their corrupt cause.)   But in the case of Sandy Hook, there is every reason to believe that it was a false op to its roots, and thus, that nobody died in that corrupt operation.  

The fact that there were no surveillance camera shots; that there were no survivors, in order to be questioned about what really happened (children not able to hold a lie as well as grownups); the fact that there is evidence that a run-through of the (FEMA) Exercise took place the day before; the fact that the school had been closed for years, and was activated only to carry out a false flag op at the thus-controlled and controllable site; all the good questions raised by Wolfgang Halbig; the fact that the 'parents' involved (one of whom, an outed actor, doubled that day as well as a (bit of a bumbling) member of the SWAT team) quietly had their mortgages paid off in full shortly thereafter; the obvious set-up of the fingered perp's home, complete with moving pads having been left inadvertently behind under furniture items...the list of questions and anomalies goes on.  (Dr. Jim Fletcher has the most complete story on the caper; plus the excellent contributions of other bloggers.  Our indispensable civilian army in such matters, these dark days.)

Just setting my comment straight.  I am not a a 'conspiracy theorist'.  (A term coined by the CIA, incidentally, to help cover their tracks.)  I am a seeker of Truth.

Wherever it leads.

And often it leads to some very dark entities.

Who are about to get their comeuppance.

Their day in the sun done.

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