Monday, 5 June 2017

Bugsy Malone Rides Again

‘Hello, dear.  How was your day.’

‘Oh, the usual.  Although there was another of those staged operations downtown, and I stopped for awhile to watch it play out.’

‘How’d it go.’

‘Fair.  The blood spreaders were a little late in getting their act together, and so that ruined the effect a little.’

‘Too bad.’

‘But the rest of it came off okay.’

‘What was the M.O. this time.’

‘Pretty much the usual.  Some Muslim guys rampaging in a car, mowing down people on a sidewalk, and then shooting all around as they tried to escape, and were ‘gunned down’ by the cops.  It reminded me of the closing scene in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.’

‘Probably where they got the idea.’

‘I’ll be interested in seeing any earlier shots of the caper, if anybody got a whiff of it developing and got it on their phones, before the PTB can take it down.  It’s always fun to see them setting up the scene, and getting ready to take their places, and then ‘assuming the position’.  That’s always good for a laugh.  

‘Otherwise, the same old.’   

‘I’ll turn on the telly, and see if anybody has posted anything on it yet, on the alt media.’1

How else can one respond to these sorts of ops by now??  ‘Hey folks - the boogeymen have left the building.  Show’s over.’  With the likes of that staged bit of street art in Paris where the cops blocked off the street for the shoot, and the getaway car comes racing in and hits its (obvious) mark to stop abruptly, and the two bad guys pile out, and one of them goes over to the cop who is already on his back on the sidewalk and the camera, nicely positioned in the second-story window of the apartment building - the site well chosen - captures it all, only doing so too well, when the bad guy’s shots (looking like paper cartridges) are seen hitting the sidewalk above the cop’s head, and then they both pile back in and roar away down the street.  And like the names for a couple of doctors involved in the gay nightclub op in Orlando being Doctor Lube and Doctor Cheatham,  (And getting some guys to carry a couple of their buddies by the cameras, as if off to see the wizards at the nearest hospital; and then letting them down almost - almost - out of the shot.  Not far enough out, man…How much did they pay you dudes for this crap???)  And then there was the ‘Don’t forget to check in’ sign left behind from the rehearsal the day before that gave the game away at the Sandy Hook mock FEMA ‘Exercise’.  And not a single child only injured, and left alive, to attempt to answer any questions being poured at it???  ’Sorry.  All dead.  No eyewitnesses.  All dead.’  Pull the other one, gang.   

On second thought: Don’t.  I for one have had enough of all this boogeyman crap, designed to create Opportunity from Crisis - 'Order out of Chaos' - in order to a) strip us of our weapons of self-defense against a rogue government, and b) fasten a lockdown mentality on us - the police state, and c) paint the Muslims as the Bad Guys.  I, among many Americans by now, have stripped the mask off the Muslim, and seen the perp for who he is, really.

A Mossad agent.

Like all the ‘Israeli art students’ involved in the 9/11 caper.2  And the guy heading ISIS.  And.  And.  And………

Olly olly oxen free.  Come in now.  It will go worse on you if you don’t.       

However...and speaking of Muslims…

Muslims are not in, and have not been flooded into, Western countries just to be ‘grist for the mill’ for Jewish/Israeli/NWO operations.  They’re here for their own purposes, too.  Let me feign naivety for a moment, to make my point:

I don’t understand why any Muslims - any reasonably devout Muslims, at least - would want to live in this country.  Their religion is more than just a religion; it is a political entity as well.  And they want to live under their form of government, and rule of law - Shariah law.  And this country’s rule of law - its Constitution; whereby we are not required, as a matter of law, to have a particular religious belief, or any such belief, and which does not allow for bodily harm to be imposed on others, wife or female child or not - stands in the way of their fulfilling their religious obligations.  So it’s a no-win proposition for them, to live in this country.  

Because we are not going to give up living under our rule of law.

So, they, really, should leave, and go live in a country that allows them to live under their own rule of law, and, indeed, obligation.

And so it will be.

End of story.


1 Not that some of these false flag capers aren’t ‘real,’ in the sense that people are actually killed and injured in them.  But many of them are organized by crisis companies, complete with a cast of crisis actors that go from site to site.
   In al these cases: We are being had.  In the vein of the Gladio operation in Europe, by Western intelligence agencies, designed to point the finger at the far Left groups.  In the current campaign, the Muslims have been fingered as the Bad Guys.
   An easy job, one must admit.

2 Not to mention the Five Dancing Israeli (would-be) Masters on the top of their Mossad business-front moving van, filming the event, thus signifying advance knowledge of it.  (And being subsequently allowed to leave the country and return to Israel, by the determination of Bush's head of Homeland Security at the time, one Michael Chertoff.  A dual Israeli-American citizen.  Fancy move, that one.)


A last-minute follow-on to the Muslim 'thing':

from ‘Nigel Farage - Calls For Arrest, Internment Of 3,000 On Terror Watch Lis tLikely In Britain’ - Rick  Wells - April 4/ 5 
(Rick made a very hard-hitting comment on his own post here, about unvetted Muslim ’refugees’.)


You’re right, Rick. We need to face some serious facts here. Muslims are not here to assimilate into this country, or at least live and let live They are here to take it over, and replace our Constitutional law with their Shariah law. And never the twain shall meet, except head on.

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