Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Exercise

When I was in my junior high school years I was out on our front lawn one fine day with my brother, who was three years older than I, and some of his friends, doing whatever, when one of them mentioned that he had learned about a way to knock someone out just by squeezing them, or something to that effect.  The next thing I knew, my brother had volunteered me for an experiment.  As they gathered around, the knowledgeable friend told me to close my eyes and had me cross my arms on my chest, while he stood behind me, and then began to squeeze me, as he told me to hold my breath.  The next thing I knew, I was lying on my back on the grass, having passed out, and the back of my head was hurting, from how I had fallen.  Beyond that particular hurt, I was upset, and told my bother, accusingly: ’You let me fall.  Why did you let me fall?’  He gave an excuse - they didn’t know what was going to happen, and didn’t realize that, if I passed out, I might fall backwards, rather than forwards.  The excuse was a rather lame one to me.  I had put my trust in him, among his friends.  I wouldn’t have done it without him being present.  He had - and so to speak - let me down. 

And how many times have we humans, especially in times of distress, cursed our Creator, in the same sort of way.  ‘You let me fall.  Knowing that this sort of thing might happen to me, if I did.’

‘Well,’ says our Creator, with a bit of a knowing shrug.  ‘You wanted to experience freedom.’

And so we have.

And on the other hand…

I am currently taking one of the Hillsdale College online courses (well, actually more than one currently; but to concentrate on this particular one for the moment) called ‘Introduction to the Constitution’.  The course - led by Larry P. Arnn himself, president of the College (and what a fine, and very ‘human,’ fellow he is) - rather than in a lecture format, as the other ones in the series are (and what a fine series they are), is in the form of a seminar-like setting, with a few students gathered around a table while Pres. Arnn holds forth informally with them.  He has started this series with the Declaration of Independence, as the logical lead-in to the subject; and, after discussing the specific subject matter last week of how we “are created equal” - and not some of us born with saddles on our backs, to be ridden by others, as Thomas Jefferson observed; a point of view at odds with the parameters of the day, with either King or Clergy ruling the roost of most human organizations - he took on, in yesterday’s session, the subject of 'the consent of the governed'.  Very revolutionary stuff, there, at the time.  How it follows directly on from the principle of equality; and how - in this at-the-time revolutionary way of looking at things - no one can rule over you unless you give your consent.  How in this subsequent country we give the person, or persons, permission to rule over us.  How we say, in effect: ‘You can rule over us, and judge us - if we say so.’  And he told a very telling little anecdote, of how the king of England, when the colonists started becoming a rather ‘unruly’ lot, instead of listening to the various grievances, sent a letter to be read in all the colonies, to the effect: ‘You are my subjects.  I look after you, and your welfare.  You are like unto my children.  You do what I say.’   And he mentioned two things as a result of that command.  One was that many members of the Continental Army, who had fulfilled their term of service and were about to be let off to go home to take up their normal livelihoods, in effect looked at each other, and immediately signed up for another hitch.  And the other was that Benjamin Franklin - who had been sent to London to attempt some diplomacy - after meeting with the King’s representatives, sent word back to the colonists: ‘There’s going to be a war.’

And was there, one.  And to this day, against such highhandedness on the part of some, attempting to rule over others.  Rather than with. 

So.  What are we to make of all this, these sorts of experiences??

The best.

I trust.  

As we come to the end of

the Exercise.

By and large.


And until then, we are still in The Play.  And speaking of such:

from ‘VIDEO: ‘Trump’ Stabbed to Death in Production of Shakespeare Play’- Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart - June 7
(“Video has emerged of the graphic, onstage stabbing of the Donald Trump-inspired Julius Caesar character in the latest ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ production in New York City’s Central Park…”
There’s a saving grace to this story.  With so many Jews coming out to help ‘stab’ Trump and get the country back on the road to their ‘Chosen People’s’ totalitarian NWO, it is very helpful that this story was written by a Jew.  
Keeps us from over-reacting, to what is going on.  In our time.  And thus, our responsibility to correct.)  


Bad actors-just more dangerously stupid people that think they are smart. Maybe we should be watching for people like this and butcher them as they seem to want to do our county and leaders!


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