Thursday, 15 June 2017

On Anti-Communism & The Like

 On Anti-Communism
      And The Like

I couldn’t have been Hitler
      I was ensouled
      in this body
      at that time
       there could be 
       such a thing as
       for all we know).
                         But I
     could have been
             and thus
Needing to make amends
For such excesses
This time around.

But more likely, I
Was one of the Founding
Of this country;
For the depth of my 
To that vision;
     the workings of 

     for all.


As for the pressures we are under today:

from ‘Michael Savage Predicted ‘Violence’ By ‘Marginals’ Day Before Attack’ - June 14
(“We are at a boiling point.  There’s going to be a civil war.”
A supporter of former Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had been filled with enough vitriol by the Left (Mainstream) media to fire at Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice, seriously injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scales and four others.  Michael Savage predicted it all…)


I believed since Obama was elected president there would eventually be a civil war. I also believe Obama is a Muslim and wants a civil war. When its over, his Muslim bros will finish off whats left of America. I believe with all my heart, that is the agenda of Islam in America. it doesn't take a prophet to read the writing on the wall.



  • kibitzer3
    Yukon Eddie a minute ago (June 14)

  • I think that that's only part of the agenda, Yukon Eddie. The real agenda is the one of the perps behind the whole thing - the New World Order crowd. Which includes the far Right as WELL as the far Left. (And the nest of vipers sitting atop the pyramid of power, controlling both sides of the operation.)

  • The CIA is complicit in all this. Which is not supposed to be able to engage in domestic affairs, only foreign affairs. It is going to take a YUGE broom to sweep all this crap away. And get back to the rule of law in the country. No more the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

Before we descend further into vitriol, let's take a deep breath, and consider the larger picture:

This is a Play.  We have assumed roles to play in it.  Another way of putting it:

Life is a school.  And the purpose is to graduate.  Not get caught up in it.  To say: In our roles.   We are to learn things from them, and The Play.  Not get too deeply attached to, identified with, them, and it.

See you on the other side of

our Awakening.

And may all beings, seen and unseen, benefit by our acing thus.

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