Monday, 19 June 2017

Now What Were You Saying?

Now let’s see if I've got this right..  Being for border security makes Trump racist; right?  Do I have that one right??  No wait - that would make him an anti-immigrationist.  I think.  So the ‘racist’ label must be for something else.  Wait - I think I’ve got it: Wanting to create more jobs for Americans would be the ‘racist’ one; right?  Because there are more black Americans on Welfare than other categories of citizens.  Right?  Is that how it goes??  So, creating more jobs would have a ‘selective impact’ on black Americans, and so that’s what would make that one ‘racist’.  Am I beginning to get the hang of this thing?  - But wait: How could putting more blacks into jobs than other categories of Americans reasonably be considered as racist??  Unless it was against white Americans…  

Oh dear.  It’s so difficult to follow these things, sometimes.  I think I’ll just let it all go, and say ‘Yes yes’ to the whole business of demonizing words.  There may not be any rationality to any of it anyway.  When you hate someone, you’re liable to just call them anything you can think of in the moment.  

Hey: How about ‘antihuman’.  There, that’s a good catch-all one.

‘Trump is anti-human.’

‘Yes yes.  Now, you were saying…???’

P.S. Hold on - I think I’ve got it now: Being for law and order is what would make him racist; because there are more black Americans who are rioting than  - 
     Oh wait.  No, that can’t be what they mean by it…Oh dear.  Back to the drawing board… 

P.P.S. And then there’s that great term the Left seems to love to throw around: of ‘right-wing extremist’.  Which would appear objectively to mean almost everybody to the right of them.  Be a reflection of how far Left the far Left has become.  From that perspective, a simple patriot would be a ‘right-wing extremist’.  Somebody who doesn’t get a label from the far Leftists would be someone who presents no problem to them, is happy just to have their beer and chips and seat before the boob tube. 
     I reckon.

P.P.S. And how could I forget this great new expression that the Left is throwing around these days regarding President Trump: the Emoluments Clause.
     The Emoluments Clause!  It is almost amusing how the Democrats now want to make a constitutional issue of Trump’s business background, and yet didn’t bat an eye about fudging on the constitutional issue regarding the eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency when it came to their man, Obama.  You want a debate about the constitutional issues regarding the person who occupies the Oval Office?  BRING IT ON.  I can hardly wait.

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