Saturday, 24 June 2017

To Vote Or Not To Vote:

That Is A Good Question

Best answer: It depends.

from’Trump Signs Bill to Help Our Veterans’ - Barnini Chakraborty, - June 23


Please remember all the politicians that are trying to attack him this next election. I still believe there are more good people in this country than bad. If all the good hard working people will get out and vote this next election, President Trump will have more help in getting this country back on track. If you stay at home and do not vote then do not complain.


Your thinking is sound, that is why Trump is the president. There were more of us than the others even with all their cheating stunts.


  • kibitzer3 SDofAZ a few seconds ago (June 23)

  • Better to organize a reaction to corrupt election procedures in each state that allow cheaters to prosper. Thus, blow the whistle on: the lack of certified cleansing of the voter reg rolls - of all illegal aliens and other ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate voters - and photo ID laws requirement; no Early Voting or Absentee Ballot voting until the reg rolls have thusly been cleansed; the need for mandatory exit polling, and for surveillance cameras in the precincts on the ballot boxes (no more ballot box stuffing); and no more electronic voting machines, which have been proven to be capable of being hacked in a number of ways - back to a clear paper trail. Enough of all of this disgraceful and embarrassing cheating. And dipping a voter's finger in [practically indelible] purple ink if we have to, like the Third World banana republic that we have largely become, to STOP THE NONSENSE.

..but it may well all be moot anyway.

No more bets.  The wheel is turning.

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