Monday, 19 June 2017

Cui Bono?

In my last blog I ended on a note of disaffection with the MSM in the U.S..  On reflection, it reminded of a story - a true story - of how an architectural firm in Italy drew up plans for a new administration building in the Vatican and duly presented them to the Church authorities in charge of the project, for their consideration, before the next steps, into construction.  After whatever period of time of reflection that ensued, the plans came back to the architectural firm, with a single, and simple, comment, written on them, in Latin.  The comment turned out to be translated as, ‘Are we angels?’  After whatever period of time of thoughtful consideration that ensued, the architectural firm finally realized what the comment was all about: they had forgotten to design in any rest rooms in the building. 

I thought of that incident, in relation to the magician’s trick that the MSM has been attempting to play on the American public regarding the leaking - the leaking; from the inside - of the DNC emails, which not only evidenced terribly corrupt activity on the part of the DNC, in stealing the primaries from Bernie Sanders in favor of their candidate of choice, Crooked Hillary, but which also resulted in the murder of the very likely leaker, Seth Rich.1  To all of which, the response of the Crooked MSM (birds of a feather) has been to wave the other hand wildly in our faces: ’See here!  Hey - over here!  See?  See?  Russians.  Russians   Russian influence.  Stealing our elections.  Russians.  And Trump.  Russians - Trump.  Trump’s camp.  Russians - Trump.  Russians - Trump.  Dirty players!  Bad!  Bad!  Trump!  Impeach!  Impeach!  Impeach Trump!  Russians - Trump - Impeach!  And Obstruction of Justice!  Impeach!  Impeach!  Impeach Trump!!’

The question that occurs to me in all these theatrics2 is:

Are we dummies?

Don’t let yourself be found in the camp wherein the perps of our time have you respond to that question, wittingly or unwittingly, in the affirmative.

P.S. I would be happy to have more souls, and even ass souls this time around, come over to the Light side, while they still can.  The more, the merry-go-round winds down.  And we get on with real progress.  Not just the so-called kind, that we are being seduced to buy into at this crucial time, in our souls’ unfolding on this planet.  
     This Planet of Choice.


1 Just one more body in the wake of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics???

2 And don’’t get me started on the theatrics in Central Park, likening Trump to Caesar, and his current-time assassination on stage.  On a stage within the stage of real life.  Which these scoundrels know damn well about, what they are doing.  In a violent environment, of their development.  To achieve their end.
   Which should be in prison.
   But to continue.


P.P.S. Doesn't sound like Caesar to me.  Sounds like a block to the attempts to take down this country, and turn it into merely a part of a region of the totalitarian New World Order long planned for it, by both the far Left and the far Right, and the nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power in this world.  At this time.  Coming to the end of its Dark period.  To the lashings of the tails of its creatures in the fetid swamp:

The White House, Washington

Dear Stan:
Thank you for taking the time to express your views regarding immigration policy.
My first duty as President is to keep the American people safe, and that obligation guides my approach to immigration and border security.
Immigration to the United States is a privilege, not a right, and the Federal Government has the responsibility to enforce all laws passed by Congress, to rigorously vet and screen all foreign nationals seeking entry into the United States, and to keep drugs, criminals, and terrorists from entering our country and threatening our citizens.
Additionally, we must have responsible controls on the future entry of foreign workers to protect jobs and wages for existing United States workers of all backgrounds. I have issued an executive order to help accomplish this goal, as I promised during the campaign.
Further, we have achieved a record reduction in illegal immigration on the southern border, an effort that requires constant vigilance against a wide array of threats and challenges. We are also taking action to confront unlawful sanctuary city jurisdictions that dangerously shield criminal aliens. Crucially, we have also begun planning and preparations for the border wall— which we need to stop the trafficking of drugs, guns, weapons, and people.
If we continue to enforce our laws and protect our communities, families, and struggling workers, we will reduce our deficit, increase incomes, and make our communities safer for each and every American—present and future.
Donald Trump

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