Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Art Of Flying

The other day I spent some time watching, wondrously mesmerized, as some large birds - they weren't seagulls, but were that size - engaged in beautiful close-formation flying, around and around and around.  I've seen starlings whooshing around in large groups as one at dusk, and that is worth watching and marveling at as well; but this was something else, a class act of their own.  Singled out - two groups of two - they each engaged in their own dance in the sky, obviously enjoying their ability to do so - to fly.

And then currently there is this little fly-like creature - shaped like a two-leaf clover - who hangs out in my apartment, and doesn't move for hours, even for more than a day.  Like others of his kind that I have encountered here.

Go figure.

And I see that the Left has taken to - been reduced to - calling President Trump "old, senile, with Alzheimer's".*

Go figure.

I figure that they have reached the bottom of the barrel, in their attempts to 'delegitimize' him and his presidency.  If that's the ammo that they have left...

Go Trump!

P.S. And just for the record, Ms Princeton professor, and your ilk: A president who is doing his job, a key part of which is looking after/being responsible for the national security, in issuing an instruction to his executive-branch agencies to call a halt to travel into this country from a handful of countries particularly infested with terrorists - who would love the opportunity to attack this nation from within its borders - until the persons from those particularly dangerous areas can be vetted more properly than the occupant of that office before him saw fit to do,
     is not a "racist".
     Maybe you should go with the flow, and start calling him "old, senile, with Alzheimer's".  That seems to be the party line, now.  A shame you haven't picked up on that yet.  You wouldn't want to look silly, now would you.


* A speech that he was delivering to the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference at the same time as the Comey Hearing was going on in the Senate demonstrating none of which.
   Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.


A closing note:

from ‘“Lame Brain” McCain ignores Comey Confessions, Still Wants Select Committee’ - Rick Wells - June 8/9
(Sen. McCain wants to look into ‘this whole matter’ further.  Good.  Let’s get it ALL out.)

Stan // June 9, 2017 at 2:06 pm // Reply (act. still June 8)
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Yes indeed, Sen. McCain, “we need a select committee to investigate all the aspects of this”.

And so, back to the Seth Rich part of this whole thing…

…which we have been – deliberately – distracted from for long enough.

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