Thursday, 15 June 2017

Now Hear This

‘Now Hear This.  Now Hear This.

‘This is your Captain speaking.  This ship of state is now under new command, to be sailed as the federal constitutional Republic of the united States of America that it was intended to be, not as it has been deflected from its true course, for long enough.  

‘Further details will follow.  But this preliminary announcement is also, and mainly, to encourage all United States citizens who feel comfortable doing so, to arm themselves overwhelmingly, as a clear and unambiguous signal to those who would attempt to take over this country, and turn it into being merely a part of a region of their totalitarian New World Order, to CEASE AND DESIST in their ugly operations, which would be futile against the combined defense of true American patriots; as demonstrated in particular by their heeding of this official Call to Arms to American Patriots of all races, creeds and colors - the melting pot of the world, of people yearning to be free from governmental oppression.

‘A word about this enemy which would think to overthrow the American Republic.  There would appear to be a bit of cognitive dissonance going on here, on the part of those naive and sincere citizens on the far Left - mainly idealistic youth - who don’t seem to understand that they are in bed with their true ideological enemy, the fascist over on the far Right, otherwise known as the corporate-government complex.  For those who do understand this state of affairs - mainly the leaders of the operation - there would appear to be the assumption that both of those totalitarian-minded camps can duke it out between them after they have accomplished their common cause, of the overthrow of the established order of the American Republic, which, as compromised as it has become, is still a body standing in the way of their takeover attempts, not only of this country, but of the world, such is their overwrought ambition.  To such idealistic youth on the far Left, I would say: Wake up.  You are being had, by people who don’t really have your best interests either in mind or at heart.  They are after power, pure and simple; and their ultimate vision is not yours.  It is of a state, and a world, fully in their grasp; and they are of a Dark bent of mind.  Not of the Light.

‘Which side of things is now going to meet this challenge head on, and send the Dark side entities packing.  Never to attempt to take over this beautiful planet again.  Or if they do, the forces of the Light will be waiting to see them off, yet once again.  As now we take the flagship place at the head of the fleet of nation-states sailing on the New Seas into the New World.  The rightful New World.  Of Peace and Plenty, and Honesty, and Integrity.  As all corruption is wrung out of all of our systems.  As we reflect The Most High in all of our endeavors.  From this Time forth.

‘Enough for now.  This is just mainly to be a preliminary announcement, to the People of the American Republic, to alert them to what is going on.  And to tell them, to

‘Hold the faith.  And hold the fort.

‘This has been your Captain speaking.  Signing off for now.’

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