Friday, 23 June 2017

The Final Test

I woke up today (mid-day; I'm a night owl) feeling the need to say something in particular.  That has to do with Christianity.  Which I feel is going to be centrally involved with our final test, before we leave The Play, and enter the realm of The Real Thing - no more play-acting of parts (to learn lessons thereby; including the Big One, of our actions having consequences.  Aka karma), but living our lives truly, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience' but now with greater awareness of the Truth of the whole matter.  I will keep this short, and unfortunately, not sweet.

For it involves a major exploding of a major religion - and religion in general.

The short of the matter is that Christianity is a construct; a creation of men.  It was concocted by a particular Roman imperial household, to further the cause of Vespasian, the father of the dynasty - as god the Father (as the Roman emperors were looked on as being: god in the flesh) - and his eldest son in particular, Titus,1 to whom it fell the role of being responsible for the siege and sacking of Jerusalem and the utter destruction of the Temple there.  Said household seeing that the major impetus for the Jews being such a rebellious lot to the yoke of Rome was their belief in a Messiah who would come and save them from their persecutors; and so, creating a fable to make Titus fulfill 'prophecy' by being that personage, just not in the way that the Jews figured it would turn out to be.  A Jewish general-cum-governor-cum historian, who was of the Jewish priestly line, who saw 'the writing on the wall' concerning how this situation was going to turn out, was an integral part of this fraud,2 whose subsequent history of the 'Wars of the Jews' was written as part of the plot, to go along with - be read in relation to, and interactive with - the story that has become known as the New Testament, to further what has become a gigantic fraud on humanity.3

Don't take my word for any of this.  Read, in particular: the books of D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S) entitled 'The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold;' 'Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection;' and 'Who Was Jesus?: Fingerprints of The Christ'.  Also an excellent read in this regard is the book/collection of essays by Barbara G. Walker entitled 'Man Made God'.4  The bottom line: Humanity - a large part thereof; and especially in the West - has been snookered, by an old con job, that has outlasted its time, and taken on a life of its own over the centuries.  Until it is so embedded in our psyche that we are going to have a hard time releasing it.

But release it we must.  For, there is nothing more important - nothing higher; along with its companion, Love - than Truth.

And it would appear - especially with such notions that have developed (along with the idea of a Second Coming, that actually was 'fulfilled' by Titus) as 'the anti-Christ' - that many good-intentioned people have been set a very high hurdle to overcome, to move into The New, by that Power behind the whole Play.  So that, if we all can manage this last test - including the atheists amongst us, who have their own false belief - we have truly earned

life.  And life more abundant.  Than it has ever been before.

Except at the very beginning.

Let Truth - and its companion quality, and essence, Love - and nothing less, be your guide.

And you'll be right.  

P.S. And to note, and give credit where credit is due, the role of females in the scholarship (and collection and broadcasting thereof) that has led to this uncovering; D.M. Murdock being a female, to go along with the good work cited by Barbara Walker.
     Of course, we have all been both female and male in our long litany of experiences in this realm, of illusion; this classroom for budding gods.  Life being a school.  And the purpose being to graduate.
     But of all that, another time.  This has just been to set the scene, for our overcoming this particular hurdle, into
     The New.



1 There was also the younger son, Domitian, who came along in his turn to inherit the royal throne, but who doesn't figure into the story as much as his father and elder brother.

2 And became adopted into the Flavian royal household for his services; and thus the name that has come down to us through history, of Josephus Flavius.

3 With Josephus apparently writing himself into the NewTestament story as his alter ego, a character therein named Saul become Paul.  Another part of the fraud, too detailed to go into here.
   But just to note at this point: This background story to this matter is why the New Testament has been written in such a way as to promote the Roman imperial perspective and to demonize the Jews: because it was 'history' written by the victors.  Render unto Caesar...Turn the other cheek...this "wicked generation" (for opposing Rome)...the Temple will be destroyed 'in this generation'...etc. etc.

4 The gist of all of this: The fictional character Jesus of Nazareth was based on a whole slew of fables of god-men around at the time, and dating back to centuries before even that time; with various 'magical' powers, as grafted onto the Jesus character by the authors of the con, from the Flavian royal household, and with Josephus lending a particular hand to the whole matter.  (To join with the victors was his way of keeping alive the Jewish priestly line.  That part of this whole story being covered brilliantly in the book by Flavio Barbiero entitled 'The Secret Society of Moses: The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia'.)

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