Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Something Different This Way Comes

I have just discovered that the Mossad business-front moving van that the Five Dancing Israelis were involved with, subsequently stopped on the George Washington Bridge (I think it was the same van; no matter to the basic story) with explosives aboard, also had a mural on its side depicting a plane about to crash into a WTC Tower.* 

How much more in-our-faces could that despicable caper’s originators possibly have gotten…

In any event:

The time for such reprehensible shenanigans has run out.

The jig is up.

I will return this nation to its rule of law - its Constitution - as things in general are set to rights in this country.  And then I will take over, and steer this ship of state - as the flagship of the fleet of nation-states - into the New Era.  The New Paradigm.  The New Age.  Call it whatever you will.

What it will not be any longer is under the control of the Dark side.

That aspect of the Creation has had its day in the sun.

Back into the shadows it goes.

The shadows of our minds.

Ever lurking there, to come out afresh.  if we give it the ‘pitch’ to enable it do so.  By letting down our guard.

That is to say, by ‘falling off the path’ - out of alignment with the Will of The Most High.  In a rebellion of The Most High's parts.

Potential gods each in our own right.

If - when - we get it right.  

* This, to go along with the already reported and released video of one of them flicking his cigaret lighter into the camera, gleefully, while in the bg of the shot we see the first of the WTC towers ‘hit’ that day burning.  (And I say ‘hit’ only in a figurative sense.)  Thus ’signaling’ that they knew that that caper was going down.  And as all but admitted by them some days later on Israeli TV - having been sprung, through the auspices of dual Israeli-American citizen, Michael Chertoff, head of the Nazi-like Homeland Security - when they reported that they were there ‘to record the event’.  Thus absolutely confirming prior knowledge of what was to ‘go down’ - figuratively and literally. 
   But then, it had already been signaled to be, years before, in, and by, Hollywood, via a segment of The Simpsons.
   Hollywood - that bastion of Make Believe.  Including CGI…
   But to move on.       
   (But to give proper credit: to Veterans Today, in a replay today, by ‘Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs,’ of VT’s original report of January 12, 2015 entitled ‘Mapping 9/11: The Fort Lee Mystery’ by Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith.)

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