Monday, 26 June 2017

The Light And The Dark

My Invocation:

The Light
The Dark

I hereby reclaim
    this realm
For the Light.
All Dark forces:
          get out
Of My sight.

I hereby command.
            And thus
Take My stand.


    It’s a Play;
 And the Light
    wins out
    The End.

    For that
     is what
 The Creation
   is made up
And is the purpose
   The Play
    of Light
   and Dark
On the waters
     of Life.
So that you can only
    separate them
  with the fine knife

Life itself is benevolent,  We humans are involved in a process of discovering that.  Or, more accurately, re-discovering that.

We have a ways to go yet.

from ‘’2 Potential Witnesses’ In DNC-Rigging Lawsuit ‘Both Died’’ - Alicia Powe - June 25
(“Lawyers and plaintiffs suing the Democratic National Committee for rigging the 2016 presidential election say they’re being harassed with threatening messages and “freaky” encounters and they fear for their safety – particularly in the wake of the mysterious and unsolved murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich – but a federal court has denied their request for protection…’)


This should be big news. Why isn't it?


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