Thursday, 22 June 2017

Who's Kidding Whom

‘If you don’t mind me asking: How’d you vote in the last election?’


‘Didn’t.  You didn’t vote?’


‘Why not?’

‘Because I didn’t want to engage in a criminal act.’


‘You see, to vote in my home state - that’s California [pause for snickering comments, from a couple of the nearby denizens overhearing this imaginary bar conversation, about the likes of ‘home of fruits and nuts’] - is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime.’

‘What are you talking about??’

‘I’m talking about the fact - the facts - that in California, various ’liberal’ governments - and especially this last one - have managed to slip into the state millions of illegal aliens who owe their presence to the Democrat Party, and then arrange not to clean the voter registration rolls of all ineligible voters, thus allowing the illegals to get on the rolls,  - ‘

‘How do they get away with that?’  Not clean the reg rolls, I mean?’

‘Their excuse - and it may vary from county to county; but in my county - and that’s L.A. County; the hotbed of all the illegal activity going on - the excuse is that people sign up on the voter registration rolls, quote, “on penalty of perjury”.

‘And so - ?’

‘No ‘and so’ about it.  That’s it.’

‘What?  You mean - that’s it?’

‘That’s it.’

‘Why, that’s…’

‘Criminal.  Nonsense.  You’re right.  But they have gotten away with it, because they control the government of the state.’

’Something’s very wrong there.’

‘Indeed.  But it gets worse.  You see, at the same time as this non-cleansing of the voter reg rolls is going on, ‘they’ even go out of their way to encourage illegal aliens - and ‘dead’ voters; and duplicate voters - to sign up on the voter reg rolls, and go to the polls to vote, by passing a law that the state not only doesn’t require a photo ID to vote - or any kind of ID for that matter, like a utility bill or other letter to you at that address - but the precinct workers are specifically instructed not to ask for any ID.’

‘Why, that’s - ‘

‘Indeed.  And not only that: The state then made it even easier to get onto the voter reg rolls for illegal aliens, and others up to no good, by passing what is called a Motor Voter law, whereby everybody who is either renewing their driver’s license or applying for one is automatically enrolled to vote.  Unless they specifically opt out.’

‘And with no one checking the registration rolls…’

‘Indeed.  And it has gotten even worse.  Not only all these quiet steps to subversion and takeover, but  
to get even the most uneasy illegal alien to come out of the shadows and put his or her name on the rolls and go vote, they have recently passed a law in the state that specifically allows illegal aliens to get a driver’s license.’


‘So the way is greased for them to get out there and vote for the Democrats, who greased their way into the state, and then into the actual running of the state.  And are thus, with all these steps, even in effect being told by those greasy traitors, ‘You had better get out their and vote; because you owe us’.’

‘Why, it’s…’

‘Indeed.  And that’s why I say.’

(A nearby kibitzer to this conversation:) ‘And it’ll never change  Things will never change.  It’s the way things are.’

‘We’ll see.’

‘Do you know something we don’t??’ 

Could be, friend.  Could well be.

Now excuse me.  I've got to go see a friend about the reclamation of a planet.


P.S. And if you are about to say, all smugly: ‘Where’s your proof of your claim?’ I would say two things in response:
     1) Please don’t insult my intelligence; or I’ll think even less of you than I already do; and
     2) We’ve got a Catch-22 situation here, don’t we.  First, you quietly flood your state with thousands, indeed millions, of illegal aliens, and get them onto the voter reg rolls by not requiring any kind of ID to vote (and even instructing your precinct supervisors to instruct their workers specifically NOT to ask for any ID, thus signaling an easy-peasy open door to the IAs); then you make it even easier for them to get on the rolls, by passing such as the Motor Voter law, whereby they are automatically signed up onto the rolls (subject to their choice not to; which you have actively ‘instructed’ them not to bother to do, because you won't prosecute them, are on their side); and then even going so far as to allowing IAs knowingly and legally to receive a driver’s license, so that they don’t even have to be here legally to get signed up on the rolls; and they elect you into the position of power in the state; and then if and when someone questions your voting processes, they can’t get any traction for their questioning because you have the power.  Sweet.
     But no cigar.  Because you are not up against dummies.  You are up against ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ who are going to see you off the playing field, not only in defeat but in disgrace.
     As we enter a New Era for humanity.  A New Paradigm.  Call it what you will: it is the end of your line.
     Your line of corruption.  The sort of thing that will not exist in said New Paradigm.  Because it is not compatible with the prevailing frequency, vibration.  Call that what you will. In effect:
     the New World.

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