Friday, 16 June 2017

Game Time

As the congressional Republicans and Democrats went on to play their game of baseball, in a show of bipartisan support for normalcy - a decent gesture - a word:

from ‘A Nation On the Brink Of Civil War’ - Larry Klayman - June 16
(Larry Klayman seeks ways to battle leftist rage, ‘peacefully and aggressively’)


Larry, Can Trump impose Martial Law ? If so, can he arrest Soros , Clinton and all Obama, and all his minions and bring charges of sedition ?


           Actually, you have a good point, harrydweeks. We have been in a figurative if not
           outright literal state of national emergency in this country ever since the 
           Democrats managed to slip an ineligible candidate into the Oval Office - with the
           connivance of the Establishment Republicans, who wanted the same sort of 
           'deal' for their own potential candidates, who are not bona fide 'natural born' 
           citizens. The definition of that term, as well understood by the constitutional 
           Framers, is very clear from the historical record: is a person "born in the country,
           of parents who are citizens". (That's what makes it 'natural,' for heaven's sake. 
           his is not rocket science.) And so Trump could, with all due deference to the 
           Constitution, act to save it from hanging by a thread, as it is now, by declaring 
           martial law, and taking over those full powers momentarily, until he can put the 
           nation back on track, under the rule of law. Not under the rule of men, as it 
           descended into, especially under the hands of the Usurper - the Great Pretender, 
           Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Hussein Obama Jr.
  • If he was even the Usurper's real birth father. But that little matter is secondary to the main issue. Obama swore that his birth father was the ‘goatherder from Kenya'. That ruled him out of being eligible for that particular office right there. So off he goes, to a court of law - a real court of law, under American Natural Law, aka Common Law - to be tried for fraud, perjury, and treason as the least of the charges against him. And we move out from being under the shadow of despotism, created by both major political parties, each for their own purposes, and ultimately for the purpose of the perps behind them both: the New World Order crowd, our erstwhile masters at the top of the pyramid of power in the world. And so a major cleansing can, indeed, take place, of all the monsters in the swamp.

  • It's game time.

P,.S. We have actually been under 'a state of national emergency' ever since 9/11.(which was the smokescreen for the passage of the draconian PATRIOT Act).  So the 'martial law' angle can, indeed, be used legally to drain the swamp.
     And if President Trump won't do it: Let me in there, Coach - I will.

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