Monday, 5 June 2017

Enough Of Satanic Tactics

from; ‘Prof Rips Fox News For Airing Her Anti-Trump Speech’ - June 5 (orig. posted June 3)
(The bitch - a professor at Princeton, no less - called President Trump a “racist, sexist megalomaniac and the biggest danger the world faces” at a commencement address at a small Massachusetts private school (‘best known for lowering the flag to half-staff to mourn Trump’s victory,” the report went on to note).  I'm really having enough of all this sort of crap: The Trashing of Trump 1-2-3 and on and on ad infinitum.)  


I'm all for free speech. But you can't go around telling untruths about people. Are there no libel laws in this country??

Also, she needs to get her facts right about man-made Climate Change as well. But then, that wouldn't fit the narrative.

So much for 'education' in an educational institution. The description is only half right.

My response also occasioned by a report at a leftist site (I forget where, now) that I read just yesterday which still carried the libel about Trump having ‘mocked a disabled reporter’.  HE.  DID.  NOT.  Get that through your thick skulls, you skanky lefties.*

But then, that wouldn’t fit the narrative ether; would it…

Still, I am waiting for Meryl Streep to correct her false report - known now as such; except by the MSM, apparently - of Trump on mainstream media, during major air time, at an awards ceremony, for her employment of that calumny.  People need to be held to account for their actions.  And this particular smear must NOT be allowed to enter the American mindset as a ‘fact’.

We have to have more respect for the truth of things than that.

* His fluttering of his hands at the podium to describe someone having been caught out on something is just his way of speaking, as shown in various clips of his speeches.  He was NOT ‘mocking’ a reporter who has a fixed bend to one wrist - which Trump may not even have known about, anyway.
   Anything to smear Trump, and over and over, in the Left’s attempts to ‘delegitimize’ his presidency.  Why?  Why can’t the Left accept the outcome of the election, like both political camps have always done??  Because they drank their own Kool-Aid, and thought that this was it - that they were about to inaugurate their New World Order.  Of open borders, and the U.S. to be brought down to Third World size, for being such a catastrophic trasher of the environment from its Middle Class lifestyle, and such.  The pollsters told them what they wanted to hear.  And they heard it, up until The People told them differently.
   It’s a longer story than I want to go into here.  Here, I just wanted to comment on one aspect of it: this business of the Left’s using disinfo and smear tactics to make its ideological case.  I have nothing but contempt and disgust for such antics.
   Get thee behind me, Satan.  You are not going to rule this world.
   Your day in the sun is over.

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