Friday, 6 November 2015

A Certain Kind Of Hell

I'm feeling trapped in a certain kind of hell.  Where I can see, clearly - excruciatingly clearly - what's going on, and can't do anything about it.  Have to stand by, and witness the inevitable.  The inevitable of the takeover of my country.

Of my country.  How I feel that so deeply...

As I said yesterday at the bottom of a petition to DEFEND THE STARS AND STRIPES, where it allowed me the space to say what our flag means to me:

'The flag stands for essential liberty and self governance.

'Long may it wave.'

And it is now being trashed, by collectivists - both socialists/communists on the far Left and fascists on the far Right; merging at the top of the pyramid of power into the same Overlords - who have taken over the helm of our ship of state, in the form of a Usurper to boot, who is steering the ship onto the shoals, where it can be taken over completely, by those forces bent on making of the world a safer place, for them, to run it like a plantation.  Where We the People are but serfs; subjects of the all-powerful state.1  Run by psychopaths.  Drunk with, and on, power.  Power Over.  Power Over Others.

Rather than Power With, and Within.

That way, to turn the world into a safer, and better, place,

a) for all, and

b) the right way.

As the spiritual beings having a human experience that we are,

and of a right, ought to be.

Sound familiar?

"That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be, free and Independent States..."

But then, that phrase is in the Declaration of Independence.

Not so's the youth of this generation - or the last generation either, for that matter; with the rot having set in that long ago, and working its way slowly slowly to the top, and about, now, to spill over - would know that sort of detail.  About their own country.2

About to become past tense.

Merely part of a region of TPTB's desired - and totalitarian  - New World Order.

And so, all those good men and women who fought for this, their country - died for, and bled for, this country -

this flag -

will have done so in vain...

America - the United States of America - will not last forever; no.  Things change.

But they should change for the better.

Not the worse.

As is going on

as we speak.

Of mere details.  Like

our country.



1) E.g.:


"I have many people on my confidential email list that are notified when I post a new article on my blog involving Constitutional issues. No one else has access to the list and I don’t do forwards. However, several years ago I began having problems with some of my emails being blocked. It started with members of the U.S. Army who had subscribed to my blog using their military email addresses had my emails blocked.
          When this occurred I received the following notifications: “The message that you sent to an user with subject "The Politics of Fear" was not accepted for delivery since it contained URLs that Army Cyber Command has disallowed.” Apparently someone in Obama’s Pentagon has decided that American soldiers should not be allowed to read articles about the Constitution they have taken an oath to defend. My inquiries to Army Cyber Command about the reason for this were ignored.
          A few months later similar inquiries made to AOL were ignored when my emails to subscribers with AOL email accounts were being blocked. I experimented with these emails and finally determined that it was my signature on my emails that included links to my blog, the United States Justice Foundation, the Constitutional Law Alliance, and even to my books were triggering the blocks. We changed the URLS to those links and that seemed to solve the problem, at least temporarily.
          However, recently I have been getting additional indications that my emails are again being blocked. This is occurring with Comcast emails, and now with some Verizon emails. In the case of Verizon some of my subscribers have reported they receive my emails on their Verizon account, but they are blocked when they try to forward them to their contacts.
          Also, I have noticed that in the past when I made a new post to my blog, I would usually receive email comments from scores of people on my list. That has recently fallen off to just a hand full. Now I have been getting info that my emails are being blocked to addresses that do not appear to be connected to Google addresses and even addresses that are not connected to the large servers. I suspect that I have not received notifications of all of the emails I have sent that have been blocked.  
          I have received confirmation today that his problem is being experienced by other conservative blogs, websites, and newsletters. This is clearly an all-out effort by internet companies to censor the Internet and try to eliminate the free speech of those of us who dare to disagree with the leftist agenda.
           The purpose of this article is to inform Americans of what is happening and to ask for the help of my subscribers. Please acknowledge that you have received the email informing you of the posting of this article. That way I can isolate the emails that are being blocked. I am also sending out the emails without my signature containing URLS so I can try to determine if it is those or my email address that is triggering the blocking of my emails.
          I will inform you of the results. I am far from being an Internet expert, so I would also appreciate any suggestions about how to protect my emails and blog from these attacks."
Michael Connelly

2) That same Declaration points out that governments derive "their just powers from the consent of the governed..."  What a revolutionary thought.  That they don't have power over us.  That they have power as consented by us.  As we give them.
   So, take your damn boot off my neck, Obama & Co.  I DO NOT CONSENT.  


...and further on the war's daily grind:

from ‘Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Heads To Supreme Court’ - Larry Klayman - November 6
(“We at Freedom Watch are not cowardly and neither are the readers of this column. Let us hope our Supreme Court finally does its job and steps in to protect the citizenry before revolution eventually breaks out!”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (November 6)


As for the argument that the federal courts are stalling and obfuscating on this matter "for fear that they will be branded racists if they challenge and block an African-American president in the years leading up to the presidential elections in 2016," that has to be - besides the tactics of Alinsky acolytes - pure poppycock. They are stalling and obfuscating because they are in on the takeover of the American Republic that is going on. And, they may well be in fear for their lives, and that of their families, having been given an offer they can't refuse, by people who are dead serious about this takeover matter. Which has been in the works for years, and is now reaching its climax. Plus, they may well have been given huge amounts of money as a bribe; such is the humongous amount of money sloshing around in the channels of corruption these days, available from a Federal Reserve that has avoided being audited, and has undoubtedly been printing money like there is no tomorrow.

Which there may well not be, if honest and passionate legal types like Larry Klayman are denied their legitimate day in court much longer. Justice denied is injustice. After that, is the law of the jungle.

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