Monday, 9 November 2015

What A World

What a world.

My daily mail report:

Horses being tortured for sport.  Big cats being maltreated.  Starving children in Africa.  Starving children here at home...

And it all doesn't have to be this way.  Just a little tweaking of the system, and all the bad stuff will disappear.

It just will take us to grok - really get - that there is Plan in and Purpose to life.  That life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.  And that therefore, there is something more, larger than life.  That therefore, there is a God.  A Supreme Being.

And help is already here...

What a world. A good one.  Just in need of a little tweaking, is all.  Like, to do away with money.

For the right reason.

Not for Power Over.

But for Power With.

And Within.

Coming out.

And having its day in the sun.

At long last.

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