Friday, 13 November 2015

Method In Madness ‘At least 100 killed in Paris rock venue as siege ends’ - November 13


Another example of the religion of peace. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is starting to make sense to me.

  • Toxic Avenger CaptRich 6 hours ago 

  • There have been no mentions of religious involvement in these attacks, so maybe keep your prejudice to yourself until we know more.


                                               kibitzer3 Fthoma a minute ago  (November 13)

                                                    But since it is known now that ISIS has been created and   
                                                    funded by the CIA, Saudi intelligence, and Mossad...
  •                                        ...and that George Soros has bankrolled the invasion of  
  •                                           Muslims into Europe, in order to accomplish  
  •                                           'multiculturalism,' which is a cover for Chaos...
  •                                         ...that our erstwhile masters would then bring Order out 
  •                                            of...

  •                                would pay for us to look at the man behind the curtain.  
  •                                            As it were.

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