Saturday, 14 November 2015

On Being Good To Go

I have just received another letter from the Ted Cruz camp, who obviously haven't gotten 'the word' yet about my position regarding his candidacy.  Heaven knows that I have tried, and, by now, a number of times, in replies to his camp's letters pleading for a donation to his 'Cruz for President' campaign.  (This one was even offering me the opportunity to have my donation "instantly matched'!  Such a deal.)  I tried one last time to get through to him/them, before I give it up, and just toss their contribution requests into the bin:

"Ted [having written, as I always do, 'For the Personal Attn. of Ted Cruz' - or whomsoever the donation-seeking letter is from - on the envelope]:

"As a constitutional scholar, how come you don't know that the historical definition of a "natural born citizen" is one born on the soil (jus soli) of citizen parents (jus sanguinis).  That's plural.  As in both.
"See E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations Or Principles of Natural Law'."

And OWN UP TO IT, and STOP BOTHERING ME.  No, I didn't say this  I ran out of room in the space available for a reply.  But I've said the equivalent in previous replies to his mailings.

Please help, in the push to take our country back from these erstwhile hijackers of it, intending to put it under the thumb - or, more accurately, boot - of their New World Order.  Every time that Ted appears in public (and Rubio too, for that matter.  And Jindal; but he's hardly a contender now), query him about his ineligibility for that office.  And Ted will say, say:

"Listen.  If Obama is legal, then I am legal."

And your answer to him - and those listening - should be, like:


"What?" he'll say.  "Let me try again," he will go on.  "If Obama is a natural born citizen, then I am a natural born citizen."

And you reply:


And sooner or later, the penny will drop.  For the poor benighted American citizen, who will finally wake up to the fact that we don't really have a two-party system in this country.  That they are both under the control of the same set of rogues.  And we thereby need to rout these rogues out of their current positions of power over us.

But do it with love.  Or as close to that sentiment as you can muster, after all that these miscreants have done, in arrogant pursuit of their outrageous end.

You see, they are but playing parts, in a Morality Drama.  The Morality Drama that we are all caught up in.  On this Stage on which we are acting out that Play, in our current parts.  And if some of them haven't woken up yet to what is really going on, just say to them:

'I don't know what kind of universe that you think you are in.  But this is a moral universe, that runs by laws.  And you have broken the rule of law in this country, which is microcosm to the macrocosm of Law.   So, begone with you.'

And you have thereby withdrawn your consent to being ruled by these Dark-side scalawags.  You might even like to say aloud:

'I've had enough of this shit.  I will no longer be ruled by you, or your lot.  I withdraw my consent.'

And you are thereby

good to go.

Out, of the 3D level of existence.  This classroom, for aspiring graduates.

Gods in the making.

Fractals of our loving Source.

Who doesn't want us to stay stuck on the merry-go-round of Rebirth - the karmic Wheel of Justice, and Awarness-imparting - any longer than we need to.

Than we choose to.

Until we withdraw our consent.  By waking up, out of our induced slumber (for its purpose: for our growth in the presence of - seeming - separation).

And move on.

And Up.

A particular Opportunity for such advancement on The Path awaiting us

as we speak.

In just such tests as this one

regarding the eligibility, or not, of someone to run for, and occupy, the office - the extremely powerful office - of the president of the United States of America.

Your choice.

Choose wisely.


Fellow pilgrim.

Fellow actor.  Now

Good to go.

If you choose to.

You have heard of free will, haven't you?

It's hard to know, these (cleverly) obscuring days.

Obscuring.  From

the true Light.

The Light, not of involution.

But of evolution.

On our way


And out

of the lower classrooms

on our stairway to the heavens.

And that's plural,

if you haven't noticed

the details.

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