Monday, 16 November 2015

Sign Of The Times

from ‘Limbaugh: Obama Not Interested In Winning Against ISIS’ - Joe Kovacs - November 16 
('They're asking us to not believe exactly what we see’)

GG57 26 minutes ago (November 16)

"Obama explained: “As we accept more refugees, including Syrians, we do 
so only after subjecting them to rigorous screening and security checks."

What a load of horse ****.

Does he actually listen to himself ramble on?

When the FBI cannot keep up,or even tell us who was vetted, and who got know Oblunder is just lying as usual.


We need a new president, and we need one fast...! I think when the Big O retires to Hawaii we should send him a big bunch of those Syrian refugees to live with him and his family. I am sure the Obama family would be most accommodating.


  • kibitzer3
    charlie baker a few seconds ago (November 16)

  • We really can't wait that long, charlie baker; the Usurper puppet of his masters could take advantage of a contrived 'national emergency' at any time now and declare Martial Law. And that would be the end of the American Republic, and its rule of law, under its Constitution. No. We need to act, with the assistance of Oathkeepers, current and retired. And fast. Der Tag is coming. (Look up its meaning.)
  • These people mean business. We American patriots should, too.


Properly screened and checked. 
Q: Are you a Muslim? A: Yes 
Okay, you are good to go, here is your entry visa, have a nice day...



NOTE TO ALL MEDIA: PLEASE STOP using the word "President" in front if this usurper's name.



  • kibitzer3
    Crystal Stingray a few seconds ago 

  • Thanks for keeping the Truth out there, Crystal Stingray.

  • One of these days the American people will wake up to how they have been had, by both of the major political parties, on this issue. Let's hope that they wake up in time. And DO something about it. Our window of Opportunity is closing, fast; while the New World Order crowd's window is opening wider as we speak.

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