Tuesday, 24 November 2015

On The Quality Of Morality...

...And In Relation To Where We Are At

Steve Beckow, moderator of the Golden Age of Gaia web site, has today commented (in an article involving someone’s conviction for fraud who was a supposed 'lightworker'): 

“If I recall, the Buddhists say that only when sila (morality) is in place can we build a solid second level, samadhi (trance, concentration). And only when we have solid samadhi in place can we build the third level, punja (wisdom).

“Our sila, our dharma, is the foundation. On that I think the major religions agree.

“I cannot conceive of us building Nova Earth without our collective morality being in place.”

Indeed. Steve.  Indeed.

He goes on:

“Let’s cross the line between not following the dharma and following it, not polishing our sila and polishing it...

“Let’s stand on the other side of that divide and look steadfastly forward. Because that’s what it’ll take to build this new world. That is collective will.

“Pulling ourselves out from our shadow side and planting ourselves in the light is what we’re doing. To do that as a cohesive social group or unit will take unusual resolve.

“It takes all of us collectively committing (at least to ourselves) that from now on we’ll do the right thing. That’s the basis of sila, morality, ethics, is it not?”

Agreed, Steve.  Agreed.

And that is what will get us, individually, to our

I AM state.

And that is what will get us, collectively - as you deduce - to

Nova Earth.

Aborning.  As we speak.

Welcome to your authentic self;

the true you,

as part of this change.

And so, a culture of corruption, brutality, and immorality - such as practiced currently by the states of Israel and the U,S,; among others - need not apply.


And as Terry Andrews shared (at his site 'New Earth Experiences,' November 22, and as posted at GAoG on November 24), about a seemingly mundane but miraculous experience that he had:

“I had no words for this experience. My mind could not make sense of it, but my heart spontaneously filled with an almost giddy happiness that lasted for several hours. I had been transported into a space outside of the familiar world we’re all used to. We’re being moved into this space more and more frequently so that we can discover its magic, so that we can step out of the heaviness and restriction of the 3D world and experience the lightness and creative magic of what lies beyond.

“We’re capable of so much more than we realize. We’ve powers that we don’t understand. In recent days we’re becoming aware that we’re responsible for the new world because we created it. It is our responsibility now to look from a place of love to see what is needed. We’re moving into new levels of sovereignty and trust. Our connections with other people are becoming pure and naturally heartfelt. We’ve gone from doubting our power to knowing we can create anything. The cosmos is our canvas.

“What do you want to create? What does your new earth look like? What are you doing to create it? What is your heart telling you about you?

“As we practice effortless manifestation and creation, we’re learning how to be and live in the new earth. We’re learning to believe we can really do this. We’re learning to believe that we’re more amazing than we ever knew, that we’re worthy beyond measure. To experience our full worth, our beauty, and our enormous power is beyond words.

“We’re part of divine creation and as we step into the realm of divinity, we embrace the truth of who we’re and the truth of everything around us and we become the creators that we’re meant to be. This new and wondrous space is something we’ve all helped to create and will continue creating as the new earth visioners [sic] that [we are].”

The cosmos is our canvas…what a wonderful sense.

May you be so touched.  And infused.

Let us create.  And make our mark.  And leave the Old behind.  For good.


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