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More Notes From The Front Lines

1) from ’Texas Governor Refuses Syrian Refugees’ - Bob Price - November 16 (posted at Devvy’s Email Alerts - November 30)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (November 30)

Well done, Gov. Abbott.

Our business with the Usurper needs to be brought to a head. You are helping with that mission.

The mission, of American patriots taking back their country, from the New World Order crowd. Who are on a Dark mission, that needs to be countered by the Light forces.

Choose your side, Citizen. It's coming down to the wire.

2) from ’Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Ted Cruz’ - November 30 (orig. posted at pjmedia - David P. Goldman - November 24) 


The one big reason not to vote for Cruz is to maintain the rule of law in the country - the Constitution. He is not eligible for the job, for not being a "natural born" citizen. The historical definition of a NBC - and the requirement never changed by constitutional amendment since its inception - is one born on the soil of citizen parents. The whole POINT of the exercise on the part of the constitutional Framers in putting that particular requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular federal office ONLY - was to make sure that the occupant, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, would have NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to. Like Cruz. And like Obama.

TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Presumed conservative who won't look at this matter for what it is - the [attempted] overthrow of the Constitution; turning it into "just a damn piece of paper," in the colorful words of George Dubya - are as responsible for setting up the nation to be under the rule of men - aka arbitrary law; aka tyranny - as TPTB behind the candidacy and administration of the Usurper. Get your priorities right, America. Or you are doomed as a federal constitutional Republic; and about to go the way of the Roman Republic. Into disaster.

(under pjmedia:)



What crap you are spewing.


  • kibitzer3 1SamTreadwell1 a few seconds ago (November 39)

  • * See the 7/25/1787 letter of John Jay - who subsequently became the first Chief Justice of the new U.S . Supreme Court, such was the respect for his statesmanship and political acumen - to G. Washington, in his role as Chair of the Constitutional Convention proceedings;

  • * See the proposal at the C. Convention by Alexander Hamilton that the president need only be a "citizen" - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent NBC category of citizen;

  • * See the fact that the delegates were very familiar with the definitive tome of the day on such subjects, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations Or Principles of Natural Law' - which B. Franklin, sitting right there amongst the delegates as one himself, and a learned and respected mentor of the day, was known to have 3 copies of, and could have set any of them right on the subject if they were not sure what they were being asked to vote on;

  • * See the fact that both main political parties tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08, to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress to change this very eligibility requirement for that office - and failed every time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around the issue.

  • So THEY KNEW. Even if you don't. And obviously colluded in attempting an end-around of the Constitution and the American people on the subject. Which will land them in a court of law, before this is through, and found to be criminal enterprises under RICO statutes, and dissolved for their crime against the American Republic. Such is the importance of this issue.

  • Which the public needs to wake up to. And fast. Before the Usurper is handed a 'national emergency' that allows him to declare Martial Law, and bring about the end of the Republic that way.

If one parent is a citizen, you are a "native-born" citizen even if born abroad. Such a person would not be classified as a naturalized citizen.

You are confusing the question of native citizen with a naturalized citizen. A naturalized citizen cannot be president. Cruz is not naturalized; he is the son of a person who was a citizen at the time he was born. For that same reason, the issue of whether Obama was born in Kenya is also a red herring. His mother was a citizen; he claims "native-born" status.

If Congress so chooses, it can change the rules, but the rules the country wants are these: if both parents are aliens, a child born inside the U.S. borders is a citizen of the country of the mother and is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. only temporarily, in the event of criminal activity. At the present time, a person born here can claim dual citizenship, and Congress could and should change that.

To allow persons born to illegal aliens within the borders of the U.S. to claim "native-born" citizenship while denying citizenship to a person born of a citizen parent while outside the U.S. would be to turn the citizenship status upside-down. Cruz may be challenged, but his challengers won't win.


  • kibitzer3
    TeeJay 2 a few seconds ago 

  • A 'native born' citizen is not the same as a 'natural born' citizen. A 'native born' citizen only requires one citizen parent, and being born jus soli - on the soil. A 'natural born' citizen requires both parents to be citizens of the country: SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the country. YOU are "confusing the question".

  • Wake up, Citizens. Your country - your federal constitutional Republic - is being sold out from under you.

3) from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘How A Secretive Elite Created The EU To Build A World Government’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - November 29/30 (orig. posted at - Tyler Durden; authored by Prof. Alan Sked -  November 28)

Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (November 30)

A good commentary.  The definitive tome on the subject is the late Prof. Carroll Quigley's 'Tragedy And Hope'.  Although the plan for a New World Order preceded even the Anglo-American version.  It goes back to Babylonian days.  But more on that, another time.

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