Monday, 30 November 2015

On Wearing Out One's Welcome

Jerome Corsi of Freedom Defense Fund has hit me up again for a huge (for me, at least) donation in his campaign against Obama.  I 'gave in' some time ago to his special entreaty, but - as these fundraising requests go, by automatic (and aggravating) 'style' - he is trying to get me to at least match my last contribution, if not double it or at least half it again.  That's not what set me off this time.  This time, I had had enough, than just to ignore 'his' (computer-generated) repeated requests and bin them.  Hence my note back to him, on my 'Contribution Reply':

'Mr. Corsi:*

'I was willling to support you before because you were at least doing something about this usurpation of the presidential office.  But it is 'friends' like you who are keeping the true nature of the matter from the American people; to wit: It is not so much where Obama was born as to WHOM he was born. He was born- or at least, so he says (we don't know even that about this Manchurian candidate) - to a foreign father.  That is grounds for his dismissal from the thus-purloined [and -dishonored] office right there.  By not acknowledging that fact, you have kept this terribly unfortunate matter going far too long - & perhaps fatally so.

'See  Mario Apuzzo has it right.  Also CDR C.F. Kerchner (Ret.).  Also Prof. Herb Titus.  The list goes on, of true patriots.

'Please take me off your mailing list.  It is a waste of time, & money.  & worse.'


* [a deliberate snub right there; he presents himself regularly as Jerome Corsi, Ph.D.
    Not being too snotty.  He even has a prospective donor address him as 'Dear Jerry'  himself.]


...and, on a gentler note for the day (I keep trying to get to my heart, and out of just my head, these miserable days - the dark before the dawn):

I want to see
Of Americans
Of all races
         and other
Down the streets
Of America

    (the cantor:)
'What do we want.'
(the congregation:)
  'The highest
      to be served.'
      (the cantor:)
'When do we want it?'

        and repeated


Good idea?

Make it happen.



...and a variation, with the theme:

'The Veil of Illusion
  to come down.'

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