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Still Some Cleaning-Up To Engage In

1) originally from ‘Christie: Feds settled refugees in NJ without telling me’ - Anna Giariitelli - November 17;  posted at - Tim Brown - November 20

“N.J. Gov. Chris Christie said on the "O'Reilly Factor" Tuesday night that the federal government has resettled refugees in the Garden State without giving his administration any notice.

“’We have refugees in New Jersey we don't even know about,’ the GOP presidential candidate told Fox News.

“Christie claimed 75 Syrian refugees have been placed in New Jersey since January and that his staff was never advised because the federal government uses local charity organizations to resettle the refugees, omitting state officials from the process…”

(The article as posted at contained a video shot by a man claiming “that he videoed several buses that are carrying people who were brought in from a United Parcel Service flight.
“He discusses what he saw prior to filming which he described as people who came in on a UPS flight into Harrisburg International Airport.  He also claims that it was supposed to be a parcel flight, and responds to someone in the vehicle with him that it is not soldiers as they are not brought home in this manner.
“Apparently there were up to 30 buses waiting to take these people to their destination, which was unknown…
“We have previously reported on how one airline was illegally flying in plane loads of Muslims from the UK, and that seems to be backed up by Tennessee Rep. Rick Womack (R) who claims to have flown in five flights with illegal Somali immigrants on board from London to New York City……”)

catman 28 minutes ago (November 20)

If that license plate begins with the letter J, it is a DOJ vehicle. As Homeland Security is part of the DOJ, that should answer some questions right there. I wouldn't put ANYTHING past this administration. They have absolutely no respect for our Constitution and the rule of law. When the SHTF, we'll know then all that he (obumass) has done to us. I fear the only solution to this problem of immigrants is going to be a revolutionary war when the ISIS cells break loose, as I am certain they will in the near future. France is a clear example of what loose or non existent immigration laws do to a country that tries to be friends to all. It seems liberals just can't realize there are people in this world who hate our guts and will do everything in their power to bring us [to] our knees, and with the help of this POTUS, they will probably succeed unless We The People take a stand and do it NOW!!!


  • kibitzer3 catman a few seconds ago (November 20)

  • Since this man was/is not eligible for the office - for not being a "natural born" citizen; which by historical definition is one born on the soil of citizen parents, PLURAL - he really does not deserve the initials POTUS.

  • The initials POS would do the job with more accuracy, I would say.

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (November 20)

For the federal govt. to ignore the wishes of the individual States is tantamount to the end of the federal constitutional Republic, and its replacement by a centralized/national form of government, with the Dear Leader doing simply as he wishes. Which is tantamount to tyranny.

Ladies and gentlemen: This is war.

The Left will try to argue that he is 'simply abiding by our obligations to the UN'. By letting in - sneaking in, under cover of darkness - as far as we know, unvetted, or poorly vetted, 'refugees'? Most of whom are males of military age??

Where is the accountability factor??? This could be his sneaking into the country a foreign army.

As I say...

P.S. David Rockefeller tried, quite a few years ago, to establish in the American federal constitutional Republic a form of government called regional government, with state elected authorities effectively replaced by regional unelected overseers (10 for the former U.S. federal constitutional Republic, as I recall). He didn't get away with his scheme, then. What a piker he was, compared with this lot in charge of us today; setting up their New World Order right in our midst, as we speak about it all on the Internet. And do nothing about it.

Pass the chips. Er, I mean, really: the ammunition.

2) from freedomoutpostcom: ‘Yes, Obama Did Just Admit He Is A Muslim!’ - Tim Brown - November 20  
(containing a 10-minute video of Obama praising Islam, and “the holy Koran”.)

Ron 2 hours ago (Novemberf 20)

I wonder, if him being a Muslim, was he really sworn in as President of the US properly. If not, then he does not have to obey the Constitution and in fact, he is not the president. Just wondering. Remember how something went wrong with his first swearing in and they supposedly did it properly inside (in private). Guess the supreme judges are going along with this fraud.

  • kibitzer3 Ron a few seconds ago (November 20)

  • Was he really sworn in as President of the US properly? No, of course not; for he was never eligible for the office in the first place.

  • Average Joe & Jill America have been asleep at the switch, of their country being guided by the rule of law - the Constitution - to the rule of men. Which is why the Usurper feels he is a law unto himself: he, in effect, is. Courtesy of the asleep American public. Who don't know the difference between a 'natural born' citizen and any other kind of citizen. A 'natural born' citizen, as historically defined, and as understood at the time of its having been put in the Constitution as an eligibility requirement for the particular office of the POTUS, is one born on the soil of citizen parents. That's PLURAL. As in BOTH. The whole POINT being to make sure that the occupant of that office - who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - would have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to. Like, er, Obama.

  • And like Cruz. (And Rubio too, for that matter.) Which is the tipoff as to how our erstwhile New World Order masters got away with their scam: the Republican Party honchos were in on it as well. You see, both main political parties are controlled at the top by the same nest of vipers. It's a game, to them. And we are being flim-flammed out of our country in and by that game.

  • Unless we wake up. And DO something about it.

The Usurper seems to be genuinely trying to call his fellow Muslims to appreciate the higher aspects of their religion - Islam’s contributions to civilization over the centuries, in many ways - and leave the killing of innocent people behind.  Nevertheless, he is what he is.

A Muslim?

I don’t know, precisely, about that.

But what I do know, precisely, is that he is

a Usurper.

And for that, if only that alone,  

he needs to go.

And, like,



P.S. And in checking out Dr. Jim Fetzer's blogs before signing off from my site, I see all the more reason why we need to act, and like, Now: TPTB have taken his latest book, 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook,' off of  Under some trumped-up reason.  Obviously, under Pressure From Above.
     No debating of the facts that he has collected and correlated.  Rather, just because it cut too close to the bone; could, as one of his former compadres at Veterans Today told him, "take down the Obama administration".
     Let there be no mistake.  These people attempting to be our masters a) are evil - to the point of killing people who get in the way of their agenda; and b) are in this all the way.  Mean bloody business - literally.  
     I'm going to go further here, and do some naming.  Not as in George Soros, and the Rothschilds (real family name: Bauer), and the Rockefellers; that sort of men-at-the-top-of-the-pyramid-of-power naming.  I mean the factions involved.  
     * There are the Secret Society boyos; who, as Dr. Stanley Monteith has exposed so comprehensively - and bravely - in his book 'Brotherhood of Darkness'. find themselves 'sold' at the top of their S.S. pyramid of personal (and professional) power, to Lucifer - the Prince of Darkness, having been sold to them as 'the Light-bearer...the Sun of the Morning...he who bears the Light...the dynamo of living power...(t)he seething energies of Lucifer..."   (quoting both Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall)  The Masons apparently believe that Lucifer - at the most, the Prince of Involution - is the creator of matter, which is a gift to Man (as in eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil), to be used as he wishes; without, apparently, consequence.  So that, e.g., in their philosophy,  the end justifies the means - any and all means.  The ultimate end being, of course:


Power Over.

Power Over Others.

Which distortion I have already dealt with, in earlier pages of this, my journal.

This faction includes a whole range of wealthy/powerful families.  (See, e.g., Prof. Carroll Quigley's 'Tragedy And Hope'.)  Another faction (and then I'm done, for now):

* the Jews.  Who consider themselves The Chosen Ones.   From their religious texts (whose god could well have been one of the Anunnaki; see Zecharia Sitchin's works, for example) and from their personal consciousness.  Who have chafed under the yoke (read also: yoga) of having to exist amongst/subordinate to - in our modern times - Christians for centuries.  (And before that, others.  Read the Old Testament.  It is a testament to their seemingly innate bellicosity, and arrogance.)1 And who have resented being put into (or at least, feeling) the category of second-class citizens.  And so, have mounted campaigns, over and over, to take over the countries which they have found themselves in.  And keep getting slapped down for it.  And now have the United States hanging by a thread.  In their hands.  Who - as per the motto of Mossad: 'By Deception We Will Wage War' - have orchestrated the 'multiculturalism' movement, and, in furtherance of that goal, the mass movement of Muslims into the European countries, and - lo! - America.  Secretly.  In the dead of night.  And by keeping our borders porous ... 2  
     I can sympathize with their long desire for a nation of their own.  But when they go about obtaining it by deceit...and wish it to extend 'from the Nile to the Euphrates,' and therefore sinisterly enlist other powers including the U.S. into their cause, in stirring up Chaos/Opportunity in the Middle East...they have gone too far.   

And I have a gone far enough in this blog.  More - obviously - to come.

Including what the Nova Earth will look like, specifically.

But I can assure you, at this point, of one thing.  And that is:

It will NOT be ruled by the Prince of Darkness.

We are no longer involved in Involution.

Wr are involved in Evolution.

Coming out of the Matrix.  (The classroom.  For our development.)

Into the sunlight.

The real


Hold on to your hats, folks.

You ain't seen nolhin' yet.



1 Did they possibly come into this sector and plane of existence through a Stargate in the north Caucasus, and attempt to take over the planet from their very beginning?  They sure act like another, and superior, species.  Would like to know more about their origins.
     Both the original Semitic tribes.  And the (non-Semitic) Khazars.  All, another story.

2 Some will say that it can't be 'the Jews' behind so much of what is going on (see also 9/11), because the Muslims and the Jews are old enemies, and the Muslims will take down the Jews as well as the Christians, in establishing their caliphates, if they get that far.  But that attitude is not to consider the mentality behind those who believe in the end justifying the means - any and all means.  The Saul Alinsky, 'Rules for Radicals' 'principle' of Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary.  In order to obtain your ultimate goal. 
   Which is, as I say: Power Over.  Power Over Others.  Who are not Us.
   Whereas, in reality:
   We Are All One.
   Facets, fractals, aspects of the One Holy Being, behind the Whole of Creation.  Blessed be the name of our mutual Source.  Whose name can be translated into words as
   And the Truth is the Way back to our Source.
   Follow him who advocates
   the Truth In All Things.
   In all things.
   Large.  And - seemingly - small.


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