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Where Are We Really?

A very good friend of mine, a sincere truth-seeking soul, has become terribly disillusioned, believes that the world is so controlled by 'the Dark forces' (he is a believer in the gnostic belief in what are known as Archons; fiendish creatures behind the scenes of our matrix of a life) that there is no hope, that hope itself was always an illusion, that we are trapped in a malevolent matrix and have been all along.  Thus the belief of what is known as a Dualist, that is, one who believes that the world is the creation of a satanic entity, and we are its food.

I, on the other hand, am a non-dualist - that is, one who believes that (in a nutshell of explanation) 'the universe has Purpose, and that Purpose is Good'.1 And I would like to explain why.  And I will keep this explanation brief. Just the high lights.  So to speak.

In high school I resonated with the opening line of a novel that I came across ('Scaramouche' by Rafael Sabatini). The line (as I have recalled it): 'He was born with the sense that the world was mad.'  By then in my life I couldn't figure out why people acted the way they did.  Much of it didn't make sense to me.  What was all this stuff about regarding wars, and such?  Why were we acting the way we were, getting into fights with each other, and so forth??  I kept my mouth shut.2  But I still couldn't help feeling different from those around me.  Their interests were not mine, in many ways.  They seemed so - immature, to me.

Time passed, and I had a 'spiritual experience' in my Junior year in university,3 which caused me to quit my formal schooling and set off on what has turned out to be a lifelong search for Truth.  In all areas: our history on this planet, and so forth, besides just the 'religious' angle.  And what I have found out, though mixed,  has been basically inspiring to me; and has kept me going, through the dark times, when it would have been easy to get sorely disillusioned with it all.  Like my friend, at this time, of great darkness on the planet.  Perhaps the dark before the dawn...

There were, and are, too many books to refer to here; suffice it to say in this brief report on the subject, that I have come across voluminous material (including in particular detailed reports from NDEs) speaking to the proof that:

Life as we know it is but part of a much larger whole; and that

that larger whole is Good.  Ultimately.  Beyond the dualistic, 'separation' state that we are embedded in.  As a classroom.  For learning lessons.  And to graduate from.  Not to get stuck in.  Over and over and over again; until we get the lessons - the maturing - right.  And move on.  And Up.

And in my own life, I have found myself being inspired to write things out that I never had any particular background to account for.  Example.  Subsequent to a year in which I worked for an NGO called Planetary Citizens in New York City, 4 I returned to the spiritual community in the north of Scotland where I had been living for half-a-dozen years before heading to the Big Apple to put my sense of Service to practical work in the world itself, rather than just in our community, with its running of consciousness-raising workshops for our guests.  Restless back at that work, I was drawn to come up with an idea for a film, and then a novel, on a world-changing theme.  My basic premise: What if a New Ager became the Secretary-General of the United Nations?  And was in that position of power, and responsibility, when a major Crisis hit the planet, in the form of a war in the Middle East, that threatened to set off World War III??  (Sound familiar???)  Setting aside all the plot aspects for this brief telling, I just want to mention that, in a scene at the UN (with my writing out the story to find out where I was going to go with it, since I didn't have a clue at that point how to develop it, was discovering the story as I went along) with some UN employees, I found myself writing dialogue for one lady wherein she got talking about 'portals,' and made a joke to her coffee-break companion about the word meaning, like, a 'porthole' of a ship.  Now, what is this all about, I wondered; why am I saying this, referring to this???

Now I know.  Having come across, lo, these many years later, in considerable literature on the Internet in particular, spiritual-writing references to our gaining 'portals' into other, higher dimensions than the one that we are currently embedded in.5

It reminds me as well of another such intriguing reference that I had no idea where it came from when it came through to me: Many years ago - in the period 1960-'61 - I was living in Hollywood, trying to learn how to write film scripts, in order to come up with a - some - film that would help bring the world into a higher state of consciousness than I had found it in, and was so unhappy about.6  The opportunity to write a film set in Mexico came my apprentice's way, and so I set about letting a story write itself through me.  Long story short (it would have been about a two-hour film): in the course of my intuitive-guided writing, I found myself having my lead character saying to his buddy, about what he was going to do with his life from that turning-point of the plot on, "I'd like to be in on the building of a city...a city of Light."  I didn't have to explain what I meant by that, because the plot took a dramatic turn at that point; which was just as well, since I didn't have a clue what that was all about.  

I found out later in my life, when I found out about the spiritual community in Scotland, and how they were inspired by the idea of helping to build 'a City of Light' on the planet.   And which has figured in the writing - consciousness - of many a channeler in this day and age.  Which I would call the New Age, except I may get laughed out of the parking lot for doing so, such is the flaky reputation that has built up around the term.

Anyway.  Not to burble on.  Just to say:

We live in interesting times.

And that's where we are at.




1 I replied to him that my belief is that we - speaking of both him and me - chose to incarnate at this time "in order to help bring in The New," and that "It is always the darkest before dawn".  He is not buying it, thinks I am too enamored of the 'messiah complex,' a victim of cultural conditioning; the whole Judeo-Christian 'false belief' and so forth.

2 Except in an essay for 11th grade English class, as I recall, when I wrote my perplexity, and anger, out, about how "War had become part of the nature of Man".  I was sad to have to acknowledge it.  But there it was.  Reality, starring me in the face.
   Later - at university - in studying both History and Biology/Vertebrate Zoology, I 'got' that we were, our template was, of a mammal, with high-primate instincts, of territoriality, and such.  It wasn't a very satisfying answer, to me.  But it helped me cope with everyday life: That was just the way they were.  We, were...
   (But it was more like an excuse than an answer, since we were more than our vehicles, and should be able to override our baser instincts.  But to move on here...)

3 I have written about this before, in this journal  No need to repeat it here.  Just the facts, ma'am.

4 For a project that it was the secretariat for called The Planetary Initiative For The World We Choose, the purpose of which was to help people gain awareness of the needs of the planet as a whole, and do something about it, in terms of recycling efforts and so forth.  This was in 1981-2,and was the precursor to much of what has come online in our consciousness since, in the nature of such as 'Sustainability'.  Only our project was spiritually oriented; not this New World Order counterfeit that is being engaged in in this day and age.  Another story.

5 And which can work both ways; and not just with entities from those higher dimensions gaining access to ours through such 'stargates'.  But dark entities coming into this realm from other levels as well.
   A veritable smorgasbord of possibilities.

6 By then I had served two years in South Korea, in the draft, as a 'c.o.' - conscientious objector - and was trying to figure out how I could help make the world a better place.  I was aware of how moved I had been by various films in my life, and figured that that was the way to go.  Hence my going to Hollywood on my release from the Army, and setting about to learn how to write screenplays.

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