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The U.S. - Republlc Or Empire

from ‘Don’t Ask Rubio That! It Would Be Too Obvious’ - Ann Coulter - November 11
(“Ann Coulter on GOP debate: ‘Too bad Ted Cruz isn’t a natural born citizen’”)

Timekeeper2 a day ago (November 11)
Coulter's little dig about Cruz is disingenuous... at minimum. The issue has been decided already it is why he is running.... some people... just don't get it.... and many never will. But He's now number two - and who I'm supporting - and - he was the winner of this last debate by most accounts. So we'll see,... No replies needed.

Just Vote RIGHT.

We need people in office that have American values, Principles & Traditions. The type that made US the strongest, bravest, most prosperous nation the world has ever seen. We need people in office that have these - and not just during campaign season...

No RINOs, No LIARs, No LIBERALs and No Career Politicians - but I repeat myself.


                  joepotato Timekeeper2 11 hours ago 

                  Uhm... Cruz is a liar.... (the Art II thing)


                   Ken Lambert Timekeeper2 15 hours ago 
    • No, it hasn't been decided about natural born as meant by the founders. The Supreme Court still has to rule on it and they never have. The current SCOTUS turns to Rob Natelson as their top expert when it comes to original meaning. This article talks about Natelson and what his opinion is:

    • Under Natelson's view of the original meaning Obama was eligible (if you believe his story that his father is Barack Sr), but Cruz is not. And, as the article states, what will matter when it goes to the Supreme Court is what they will rule, not what we think our attorneys believe. We believed that Obamacare was unconstitutional but it didn't matter how good our argument was, what mattered was what SCOTUS ruled. So, if it's the current SCOTUS that were to rule, they would most likely hold to Natelson's view and rule that way.
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                               Mario Apuzzo, Esq. Ken Lambert 9 hours ago 
      • Natelson does nothing more than give his opinion which is not supported with historical and legal sources and reason.
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    • kibitzer3
      Timekeeper2 19 hours ago (November 12)

    • If the issue about Cruz's ineligibility - and also Obama's - "has been decided already," then we are living under the rule of men.

    • It isn't the issue that is dead, then. It is the Constitution. A dead letter. And the Republic is over. Finished. Done with. And we are in the interval between Republic and Empire.

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    • Yogi-man kibitzer3 16 hours ago 

      • We became an empire with provinces in 1861-1865 when the Founders voluntary Union of free sovereign States and the Constitution were first destroyed by bloody force of arms.

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1) Nice to see Mario Apuzzo weighing in here on this NBC issue.  He's the expert on the matter; and whose material (at sent me on my 'mission' to uncover this whole charade, and what all was behind it.  
   (A: Obama is a placeman for the CIA and TPTB, in their campaign to overthrow the American Republic, and merge it into being merely a part of a region of their (totalitarian) New World Order; close to coming into being as we speak, after an orchestrated Crisis 'national emergency' that will give Obama his Opportunity to declare Martial Law, and eliminate the Constitution in one fell swoop that way, rather than by the death of a thousand cuts that he has been subjecting it to so far.)*

2) According to 'Yogi-man, we have bean an "empire" since the Civil War.  I didn't want to get into a slanging match with him on the issue; but he has a bit of a point.  To say: 

a) Lincoln apparently did do some unconstitutional/dictatorial things.  (But in a time of war, some extrajudicial power naturally does devolve to the Executive...)  

b) There is evidence that the 14th Amendment, passed in the wake of the Civil War, was not properly ratified.  Hence, a huge amount of case law - roughly identified as due to a 'legal' (actually merely assumed) term called 'incorporation' (i.e., that the terms of the Bill of Rights were 'incorporated' by that Amendment in toto to apply to the States from the federal government) - is tainted by that legal detail.

c) There is evidence that the16th Amendment was never properly ratified.  Thus, the income tax is not technically valid (and therefore neither is the basis or the Federal Reserve).

So: Where do we draw the line, in regards to 'unconstitutional' activity??  

I've got it.

We call a halt to the whole enterprise.  As being part of The Play that we have been involved in, to 'catch our consciences'.  And we move to

the Real Thing.


What would that look like?

For one thing, we need to have a period of judicial recompense for crimes committed; one of the main lessons for humans/incarnate souls to learn being that actions have consequences.  Thus, 

* Obama is arrested, and held for trial, on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason;

*  All the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all the appointments that he has made - including to various judgeships -  go with him, into the trash bin;

* The authorities of both the Democrat and Republican parties are arrested and held for trial on RICO-statute charges, of being criminal enterprises - in particular in regards to, but not limited to, the illegal candidacies of Barack Obama - and the parties dissolved upon the obvious verdict, with jail time, and substantial financial penalties;

* The sitting Congress dissolved, for not doing its constitutional duty in regards to a rogue executive, and those members who have committed specific crimes - as, e.g., accepting bribes for their votes - to be held for trial; and

* New elections are postponed at least until a complete certification process is undertaken in each State, to a) clean their voter registration rolls of ineligible voters; b) require sufficient voter photo ID to make sure that the person who shows up is the person whose name is on the (cleaned) roll; and c) eliminate the hackable electronic voting machines in favor of paper-trail voting; and

* We introduce a new monetary system for the planet, based firstly on hard value (i.e., precious metals) - and without accruing debt, as the interest-bearing system (and its partner in crime, fractional-reserve banking) has put us into - and then the elimination of 'money' (as we have known it) altogether; as we become more of who we really are, which is to say, succinctly, spiritual beings having a human experience.  For now. 

That should do it, for a start.  A start into

the New Age; the New World; the New Earth; whatever people want to call

The New Management.  Of human endeavor.  Putting it in alignment with 

the will of God. 


* A likely such effector: the fact that Obama's Department of Homeland Security has allowed some suspicious (foreign-looking and -speaking) characters into jobs loading fuel onto passenger airliners, in conjunction with a policy of not tracing suspected terrorists.  (Similar to the 9/11 caper.)  Thus, the opportunity for 'marks' to load a bomb onto an American passenger airliner.  Result: major Opportunity for a declaration of Martial Law. 
   (comment on Dave Hodges' The Common Sense Show, dated Nov. 11, posted Nov. 12: 
   "There very well could be foreign terrorists working at the RDU airport and other airports around the country as well when the DHS has a “hands off list” on known terrorists… had this April 2, 2015 report—
‘Free to Come and Go as They Please: Senator Uncovers DHS “Hands Off List” of Known Terrorists’
The report said, “Senator Grassley (R-IA) discovered that the DHS operates a “Hands Off List.” This list is made up of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers that are to be left alone to travel into and around the United States and who can come and go as they please.”
     These people that we are up against are fully capable of such a heinous act.  Look at the Russian passenger airliner out of Egypt, and other such downings of passenger airliners.  That's how serious these denizens of the dark are, in their quest to rule the world: for whom the end justifies any and all means.  Disgusting stuff.

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