Saturday, 21 November 2015

...And I Say Again

from ’Ted Cruz RISING In Polls And Fundraising After He Did THIS!!’ - November 20
(Sean Hannity Video interview of Cruz about his taking of the moderators to task for asking inane questions at the last GOP debate)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (November 21)

Is there some good reason - that's GOOD reason - that Fox News, and From the Right, and many - too many - conservatives don't understand plain English? The definition of a "natural born" citizen, historically - as the constitutional Framers applied it, and never LEGALLY changed - is one born on the soil of citizen parents. That's PLURAL. As in BOTH. That Obama has so far gotten away with his purloining of the presidency doesn't change the definition of things. Or the logic that TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT.

Ted Cruz is a good man, generally; but he is not eligible for the job, any more than the Usurper is. I can cut the Democrats some slack on the issue, because they are liars and deceivers by character trait. But conservatives??? No wonder the country is in such a mess: We don't have a proper opposition party to the Leftists. The New World Order crowd is in charge of both major political parties (besides of the MSM). We the People need to wake up to that fact, and fast. The country is being sold out from under us as we conservatives speak about lesser things. Time - and almost past - to WAKE THE HELL UP.

All it would take for that to happen would be for Cruz to admit, at a press conference, that his attention had been drawn to the fact - the TRUE fact - that he is not eligible for the top job, and give the reason why (E. de Vattel's definitive tome on the subject; etc. etc.); and that would implicate Obama as well - and the whole deck of cards would come tumbling down, on the heads of the s.o.b.'s from BOTH political parties trying to hijack this country, and their NWO puppet masters. And the way to get Cruz to do such a magnificent thing for the American Republic would be for We the People to PUT IT TO HIM, to do such a selfless deed for the nation, that he would think to lead. He couldn't do a greater service to the nation than that one honorable deed. Put it to him, America. You have nothing to lose but your country if you don't.

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