Thursday, 5 November 2015

On Being Manipulated

So now the TPP is out in the open.  And it is as figured, by any even halfway intelligent auditor of the modern scene: a ‘deal’ for the end of national sovereignty, and the installation of TPTB’s desired, and totalitarian, New World Order.

They have been very clever in the artillery-softening lead up to it.  Item: 

* Some liberal college authorities agreeing with an undercover agent that the Constitution (being passed out on campus by some rightwing organization) is a “trigger” for her, and assisting her to get it shredded.1


* “You see, the radical left is not content with their court victories permitting them to burn and spit on the American Flag… 


“…soon the American Flag could be an artifact from a bygone era — seldom seen outside of museums.

“Already, the War on our Flag is progressing at an alarming rate:

“ —> In Roseville, California, an iRAQ WAR VETERAN was ordered to remove the Red, White, and  Blue from his apartment’s porch ‘so it didn’t offend anybody who didn’t believe in the American Flag.’ 

“ —> The 9th Circuit Court ruled that PUBLIC SCHOOLS could prohibit students from wearing     
          American Flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo after some students complained it was ‘racist.’

“ —> At the University of California, the student government voted to ban our flag because it ‘has 
         been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism,’ is not ‘culturally inclusive,’ and ‘can be interpreted as HATE SPEECH.

“ —> In Webster, Texas, an apartment complex ordered an American citizen to take down the flag because ‘the American Flag was a threat to the MUSLIM COMMUNITY.

“ Sadly, these cases only represent the tip of the iceberg…”2  (emphases in original)

Now, granted that the U.S. has been manipulated in the past to go to war to make the world safer for the likes of Halliburton & Co.  But who in their right mind would throw the baby out with the bathwater??

Oh - I get it.

The far Left.

Our - idealistic - youth.  Under the tutelage of their radicalized mentors in our schools.

All, being manipulated by the likes of…you guessed it: 

Halliburton & Co.

And now, we are right up against it, with the likes of the TPA, and the TPP.  And the TTIP to follow.  And.  And…  

Whither thou goest, America? Warriors for the Light??  The Away Team for the Truth Embodiers???

P.S. As for the 'And's: Not to mention the softly softly gathering of Russian troops in Alaska (with our defenses down in that area, courtesy of the Marxist Usurper in the Oval Office), and Russian and Chinese troops in Central & South America (and Cuba).  And our porous southern border; having allowed not only illegal aliens into the country - excuse me; 'undocumented workers' (undercutting American citizens's employment) - but sabotage- and assassinaation-minded members of Hispanic gangs, and outright jihadist members of the likes of ISIS. 
   I know that some people think that Putin is a savior.  It remains to be seen what kind.  And who for, ultimately.
   The likes of Kissinger; whom he once acknowledged as his 'mentor'??
   An awful lot of these kinds of 'mentors' around, these dark days.  And darkening further by the day... 
    And not just because we are entering into winter.
    But into the winter of our discontent.


1, November 3rd.  Also, one of these liberal-college sympathetic souls said: “The Constitution in everyday life can cause people pain.”  (Say what?  Dunno. She left it at that.  Meaning, possibly, the ‘pain’ of free speech??  Of people being 'allowed' to have free speech???...) 

2 Donation-request letter from former U.S. Ambassador to the UN (under George W. Bush) John Bolton, writing for Citizens United for American Sovereignty.


P.S. Message today to my congressional Representative:

Dear Rep. Lowenthal, 

I have just read portions of the TPP. I urge you to vote NO on this sovereignty-destroying plan of Big Business. 

"Illegal trade barriers" means no national laws/regulations against indiscriminate fish netting (dolphin-free), for labeling of GMOs, etc. etc. etc. From legitimate food safety & labeling and environmental concerns, to the open Internet, to investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions, this treaty is a disaster from start to finish. 

You might just as well phone your part in, for all the role of the Congress in this sort of sovereignty-selling-out nonsense. Help nip it in the bud. 


'Stan' Stanfield 


...and with the likes of weather modification/chemtrails, and hazardous vaccines, and on and bloody on: We really have had enough of your world, PTB, thank you all the same  Time to go



Starting with 5D.  Where a lot of positive things await us.  On our way to going


Up.  On our way



After our sojourn in the realm of separation.

The illusory realm of separation.

In order to learn lessons.

And then


The better for the experience.

Or worse.

Your choice.

As always.

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