Tuesday, 3 November 2015

In Our Time

from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Thousands Of Muslim Migrants ‘Disappear’ From Camps’ - posted by Marilyn Calkins - November 2 (orig. posted at wnd.com - Leo Hohmann - October 31)

Reply by George Zornetsky 9 hours ago (November 3)

OScumBag is already working this here.

It's why we need Ted Cruz.

Cruz as Pres., Fiorina as Vice Pres., Carson as Surgeon General, Trey Gowdy as Attorney General,

Trump as Fed. Reserve Chairman.

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Permalink Reply by VERONIQUE DOREY COLLIER 8 hours ago

I would feel good with a pair made of 2 of these guys:

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee

If Trey Gowdy becomes Attorney General, Hillary Clinton will be the new ORANGE (I'm not sure whether Bill will visit her in jail), he'll get his own real TV show (My life after Hillary)

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (November 3)

When will many - too many - conservatives wake up and realize that they have been had by the Repub Party going along with the pretense that BO is an eligible occupant of the Oval Office?  He is not a 'natural born' citizen, and neither is Cruz (or Rubio, for that matter); i.e, one born on the soil of TWO citizen parents.  Thus, the Constitution has been made into "just a damn piece of paper," as Bush Junior characterized it - a wet noodle, to be manipulated at will by TPTB - over both major political parties in the country.  Thus, we are no longer living under the rule of law, but under the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  Which is the hallmark of tyrants down through the ages.

Or hadn't YOU noticed the police state being fastened on the country????????  Slowly slowly at first (see [e.g.] the so-called PATRIOT Act), and now, faster and faster.  Come ON, conservatives.  Wake up.  The federal constitutional Republic of the U.S.A. needs you to smell the coffee.   

from The Common Sense Show (Dave Hodges) posted on November 3

By Dave Hodges on Nov 02, 2015 04:03 am
  Part One      Part Two     Part Three       Part Four   The murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were all orchestrated by

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