Sunday, 8 November 2015

Last Post From The Front Lines??

(A message today to a friend in the UK)

Sort of to go along with what I forwarded you a short while ago...*

I am beginning to see why I was drawn to come back to my old home town here on the West Coast of the U.S. at my twilight years in the sun.  Yes it's true that the NSA could shut me off from access to the Internet whenever they wish to; but I could always go to the Main Library and try to log on that way.  In any event: If the Russkies sever the undersea cables, and I can no longer contact you, please know that if, when the missiles start flying, I can't stop them all by holding up my hand to the sky in a Stop sign mode and turn them around and head them back to where they were launched from, my last thought was of the America that was, and could have been, if it hadn't opted for Oprah and Obama.

Oh - and was also of Jackie Evancho.  Who is living proof that there is - after all is said and done; even then - a God.


* (This was reference to an article I had forwarded him about the possibility of the Russian passenger airliner out of Egypt having been downed by 'Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot' technology, and commenting on the despicability of such technology; supposedly designed to take over a plane from hijackers, but having been used to down many a passenger plane, with some people making a lot of money on the betting pools with their inside info......utter despicability, indeed.  From monstrous creatures in our midst.) 

Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 16:16:52 -0600
Subject: Thermonuclear ballistic missile launched over Los Angeles... full details

The Health RangerA thermonuclear missile launch (US Navy Trident ballistic missile) over the Los Angeles area last night is a final warning to China to halt escalations toward World War III.
The "official" story reported by the mainstream press is total bunk. This wasn't a routine test. It was a strong warning coming as a last-ditch effort to halt China's increasingly aggressive war stance.
China now has ballistic missiles that can destroy U.S. Navy ships. Add in the EMP weapon threat and cyber warfare attacks, and you have the makings of war.
Let's hope the U.S. military can defend our nation against the Russians and the Chinese:
Click here for the full story with over a dozen documented links.

I will be unveiling a full discussion of this urgent issue on the Health Ranger Report airing tomorrow on
The show airs at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern. Don't miss it:

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