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Further On The Trashing Of The U.S. Flag By Academia

from abel article #2400: Fabian Trudeau B(a) Cabinet - Hotel Serco Unabomb - Russia Sharm el-Sheikh - November 7

Multiculturalism and World Governance

The "permeation" and "long march" of Fabianism and cultural Marxism continues today in the policies of multiculturalism and mass-immigration. For example, a prominent Canadian intellectual and Queens University scholar of multiculturalism, William Kymlicka, writes that "there was a deep institutional embedding of multiculturalism" in Canada.29

Multiculturalism, initiated in the federal statement of multiculturalism in 1971 by PM Pierre Trudeau, was gradually implemented, step-by-step, in what Kymlicka and his colleague Keith Banting explicitly refer to (without citing) as part of the "long march through the institutions at all levels of Canadian society" (my emphasis).30

In fact, according to Hugh Donald Forbes, political economy professor at the University of Toronto, Pierre Trudeau considered multiculturalism "a big political experiment" that had as its "aim" the testing and refinement of "a theory of how to overcome national or ethnic conflict". This experiment involved the mixing of: 
the populations of existing states even further, with a view to ultimately separating state and nation altogether, thus undermining the psychological basis for an intense and exclusive state patriotism and preparing the way for the necessary transition to a world of semi-sovereign states (or provinces) under some form of global governance.31"

(under section headed ‘Canada 2020 and the New Malthusian Takeover of Canada’ subhead ‘’Elitist Socialist-Capitalist Syntheses’ by Matthew Ehret-Kump / March 12, 201


from ’Thermonuclear missile launch near Los Angeles is final sign of World War III on the precipice… US, China and Russia all escalating covert attacks in run up to global war’ - Mike Adams - November 8


Well, Mike Adams, if the War Party, aka, Tea Party, vis--a-vie Republicans, stopinvading other countries and assinating foreign leaders, and killing innocent
men, women and children, we may avoid WWIII.

  • kibitzer3 Followup1 a few seconds ago (November 8)

    Um...just to clarify: The Tea Party is NOT the War Party. The War Party is the establishment Republican Party, with all of its corporate sponsors, who want to make the world safe for their collectivist (socialist-fascist) takeover, in their New World Order. The Tea Party is against such arrogance. Why else do you think that 'patriots...constitutionalists' etc. are being demonized by both the Dems and the Republican establishment?? They stand in the way of said takeover. Thus, are branded as 'potential domestic terrorists'. Which all true Americans may well have to become, against the insolent regime in charge right now, if they don't back the hell off.

  • Amend your scorecard accordingly.

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